Dr. Lucia Nigri

School of Arts and Media

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Crescent House Room 202

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Current positions

Senior Lecturer/Director of Conversion


I received my European doctoral degree in Early Modern English Literature from the University of Rome (Italy) in December 2010. Having worked at Salford since 2013, I previously held teaching positions at the University of Manchester, University of Hull, and Liverpool John Moore University.

Areas of research

Shakespeare, Early Modern Literature, Drama, Digital Humanities


I currently convene three modules: Final Project (Level 7), Rebels, Villains, and Discontented Minds (Level 6), and From Salvation to Damnation (Level 5).

Research Interests

My research interests focus on early modern literature with a particular emphasis on drama. I have written articles on intertextuality in John Webster’s plays, maternal misrecognition in early modern tragedies, the notion of identity in Shakespeare and his contemporaries, the question of authorship in Arden of Faversham, the relation between dominant and marginal languages in translating for the theatre, performativity in the Victorian adaptations of The Tempest, on the natural and monumental body in Romeo and Juliet, and on Shakespearean narratives used in particular times of crisis in Italy.
I have extensively written on the figure of the malcontent, on intertextuality on stage, and on skepticism and self in Elizabethan and Jacobean period. 
I am also currently working on a digital open-access archive (SENS) designed to make Shakespeare’s narrative sources available to scholars, students and general readers (https://skene.dlls.univr.it/en/sens/).