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University Fellow


Lisa Garwood-Cross is a post-doctoral research fellow whose work relates to the intersections of digital technology, social media, digital health and society. Her current work explores social media health influencer cultures and how audience trust translates into health influence.

Lisa interests include digital methods, digital sexualities, social media for health information sharing, and understanding the necessary digital skills required for digital transformation in the NHS. Her doctoral research, completed at the University of Salford, focused on the use of YouTube sex edutainment influencers in the dissemination of information about sexual education information for young people.

Lisa's recent work includes the AHRC funded 'Covid Sex Lives' project researching how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the sex lives and digital hook-up practices of men who have sex with men. In addition, she was part of the team that formed the Online Mammography Network, and has conducted large-scale social media analysis of patient Facebook groups for Kidney Care UK and the Kidney Information Network. In addition, Lisa is part of the team developing the DiSkPass digital skills training package which was shortlisted for Teaching Innovation of the Year and the Student Nursing Times Awards 2023.

Lisa has worked with a range of external partner organisations including Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, the Northern Care Alliance and National Breast Imaging Academy.

Areas of Research

Influencers, Social media, digital health, sexualities, digital society

Areas of Supervision

Social media, digital health, influencer cultures, digital methods, digital society, sexualities and digital skills development in the healthcare workforce.

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • Health and Social Care

    2019 - 2022
  • Gender, Media & Culture

    2016 - 2017
  • Drama, Applied Theatre & Education

    2010 - 2013