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Lecturer in Media Production


Lara Herring is a Lecturer in Media and Performance at the University of Salford and a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority. Lara holds a doctorate in the field of media and communication from Edge Hill University. She is a former videographer and video editor. Lara researches in the fields of political economics, cultural studies, critical media industry studies, adaptation studies, critical animal studies and transnational cinema. She has conducted empirical studies that include ethnographic research, archival research, discourse analysis, industrial analysis, content analysis, production analysis and narrative analysis.

In 2020 Lara completed her doctoral thesis on the contemporary relationship between China and Hollywood conducting interviews with high-ranking Hollywood industry personnel and continues to research and analyse contemporary Hollywood history and industry economics. Previously, she has published work on how social media shapes the Chinese film industry. In 2019 worked as a research assistant on projects funded by The Vegan Society to produce reports on non-Vegan attitudes towards Veganism.

Areas of Research

Lara's research specialises in macro-level film industry studies and micro level production studies. Lara's research interests are broad, encompassing film industry studies, media industries, Sino-U.S. relations, film and TV production, textual analysis of film and TV texts, critical animal studies and adaptation studies. Lara has published work on the contemporary relationship between China and Hollywood and the popularity of director Christopher Nolan's films in the Chinese market. Lara has also published work that examines the media response to awards speech activism, analysing the response to Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar's speech, which addressed animal rights. Lara co-edited a collection on 'Animal Rights On and Off Screen'.

Areas of Supervision

Relationship between China and Hollywood.
Film industry analysis.
Production studies.


- Production Workshop
- Directing and Producing
- Production Skills
- Video Project
- Video Drama Project
- Literature, Adaptation and the Screen
- Performance in Context
- Documentary to Mockumentary
- Practice Research Project