Mr Farhad Zahedi-Hosseini

School of Science, Engineering & Environment

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Current positions

Senior Lecturer


I am a Senior Lecturer, specializing in Computer Aided Design and Simulation modelling of Manufacturing Systems. I obtained my Master of Science degree from Strathclyde University in 1985, before starting to work at Napier University of Edinburgh, as a Teaching Company Associate in conjunction with Unisys. I have worked with a number of simulation packages in the past, including SEE-WHY and Siman/Cinema, and currently with ProModel. I have worked as a simulation analyst and have collaborated in various simulation research projects. My main interests are in the Process Simulation and Maintenance Operations Modelling. I am the Director of Industrial Placement (UK), responsible for helping and monitoring the placement of Aeronautical and Mechanical engineering students at the School of Computing, Science and Engineering. I was also Programme Leader for many years including BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Manufacturing Systems and Management. I obtained my PhD in 2018 in the area of Maintenance Simulation Modelling: "Modelling and simulation for the joint optimization of inspection maintenance and spare parts inventory in multi-line production settings".

Areas of Supervision

Simulation Modelling.
Maintenance Simulation Modelling.


Product Engineering
Quality and Risk Management
Project Management
Operations Techniques
Simulation Modelling