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Current positions

Lecturer in Physiotherapy


Chris is a lecturer in physiotherapy, researcher in biomechanics and clinical physiotherapist. His work and research focuses on clinical applications of biomechanics to inform injury causation, rehabilitation practices and sports performance with a particular focus on running related injuries.

Chris' research began looking at biomechanical features associated with running performance with his PhD investigating biomechanical contributors to running related injuries and the use of gait retraining interventions. During his PhD he co-developed a University based clinical enterprise service utilising 3D motion capture technology assessments to inform injury assessments. The service was designed to generate a research data source and provide income generation for research projects, supporting the completion of 5 MSc degrees and multiple undergraduate projects. His current projects include the biomechanics of hamstring strain injuries in sprinting sport populations, the development of ACL injury prevention programs in women's football, muscle activation patterns during running and the use of force plate technology to inform musculoskeletal injury assessments, rehabilitation and return to play decision making and .

Chris is a lecturer on the Physiotherapy program where he leads a level 6 module Research in Physiotherapy Practice and teaches across multiple musculoskeletal practice modules on both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Clinically he has spent over 10 years working in elite sport including Rugby League and in Track & Field working for British Athletics and Team GB. He continues to work as a Physiotherapist at the Manchester Institute of Health & Performance providing consultancy services to a range of clients in elite sports including Football, Athletics and Rugby.

Areas of Research

Biomechanics; Running Injuries; Hamstring Injuries; Rehabilitation; ACL injuries; ACLR biomechanics

Areas of Supervision

Biomechanics; Rehabilitation; Sports Injuries; Running Injuries; Running Biomechanics; Hamstring; Lower Limb; Musculoskeletal

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • PhD Biomechanics

    2013 - 2020
  • MSc Advancing Physiotherapy

    2011 - 2013
  • Physiotherapy

    2008 - 2011