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Current positions

Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology


Born in Liverpool, 1976, I first became interested in microbiology as a young teenager living next door to a researcher at the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool. I was fascinated by his working life, and thus completed a 4 year honours degree in Medical Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh (1994-1998). This sparked my real passion for bacterial diseases and I returned to The University of Liverpool for my PhD studies working on bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) of pathogenic E. coli (1998-2003).

I then worked as a postdoctoral researcher for 10 years at several institutions: The University of Florida, USA (2003-2006): investigating oral bacteria and their role in the development of periodontitis. Aix-Marseille Université, France (2006-2008): investigating how bacterial porin channels control the transport of many antibiotics across the outer-membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. The University of Liverpool (2009-2012): investigating bacteriophages of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. I was appointed as a lecturer in medical microbiology at the University of Salford in 2012 and have been working primarily within the research field of bacterial pathogens and bacterial viruses.

I welcome applications from prospective PhD students with a background in molecular microbiology, and a keen interest in bacterial pathogens; polymicrobial biofilms; bacterial evolution; antimicrobial resistance; global health or bacteriophage biology.


Areas of research

Microbiology, Antimicrobial Resistance, Bacteriophages, Bacterial Infection, Biofilms


 I co-ordinate and teach on a wide range of microbiology-based modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I lead the Infection and Immunity module on the Biomedical Science MSc Programme; and the Microbial Communities and Interactions module, for 2nd years on the HBI&D and Biology undergraduate Programmes.

I also contribute microbiology teaching on 7 additional modules at undergraduate level (molecules to microbes; study skills; biomedical skills; biomedical science practice; medical and public health microbiology; human microbiology and infection control; professional skills and final year research project). I host a wide range of project students in the lab, including Erasmus students; Undergraduates and Postgraduates on the Biomedical  Science programmes; Masters by research students and PhD students.

Research Interests

My chief research interests lie in bacterial pathogenicity, development and spread of antibiotic resistance and how microbial evolution is driven by interaction with microbial communities and their environments. I am particularly interested in bacteria and bacteriophages in multi-species biofilms.

Key research questions:

1)    How are microbial communities affected by changing environmental conditions and antibiotics and how do they influence the survival of important bacterial pathogens on farms? (PhD project)

2)    What are the dynamics of microbial communities that infect wounds; how do they change over time and how do they influence healing? (PhD project)

3)    What are the major contributing factors that lead to bacterial sepsis in under-resourced clinical settings and how can they be controlled? (PhD project)

4)    How is antimicrobial resistance development and spread influenced by poor antibiotic stewardship in sub-Saharan Africa? (PhD project)

5)    How do bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) influence the dynamics of bacterial communities? (project in development)

6)    What is the potential of natural and synthetic compounds and nanoparticles as novel antimicrobial agents?

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