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Current positions

Professor in Design, Innovation & Society


Professor Caroline L. Davey is Director of the Design Against Crime Solution Centre at the University of Salford. Professor Caroline Davey is a qualified Organisational Psychologist and Professor in Design, Innovation & Society. She has led major UK and European funded projects on social responsibility since 1998.

Caroline has published academic articles and design guidelines on the role of design within crime prevention, and the use of holistic, human-centred ‘design thinking’ to address problems relating to quality of life. She has delivered four European-funded projects on Design Against Crime (Hippokrates 2001, 2002, Agis 2003, 2006), and initiated a major UK consortium project on sustainability in urban design decision-making—VivaCity2020.

Recent projects include: City Centre CrimeNational Police Crime Prevention Service (NPCPS); and Planning Urban Security (PLuS)—an EU funded project led by the Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen. The Design Against Crime Solution Solution Centre is also involved in the Youth Design Against Crime programme—a partnership with UK charity Catch22 to engage disadvantaged young people in crime prevention.

Areas of research

Design Research, Socially Responsible Design, Design Against Crime, Safety, Security & Wellbeing, European Security Research


Occasional lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students on: Socially Responsible Design, Design Against Crime and Methodology

Research Interests

  • Research Socially Responsible Design, Urban Sustainability,
  • Design Against Crime and Counter-terrorist Design
  • Submitted in the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) under the Built & Human Environment, rated 6* in 2000 and under Art & Design in 2008
  • Secured EPSRC funding of £2.7m for a consortium project on sustainable urban environments & Socially Responsible Design ‘VivaCity2020’.
  • Secured EU Commission funding of £600k for 4 Design Against Crime projects.
  • Partner on EU Commission-funded project on Planning Urban Security (PLuS) led by the German police (Landeskriminalamt) in Lower Saxony.

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD Organisational Psychology (1996)
  • MSc Organisational Psychology (1991)
  • BSc Hons Psychology (1987)
  • Advanced Certificate in Environmental Design and Crime Prevention