Dr Carlos Frade

School of Health & Society

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Contact Details

University of Salford (Manchester)
Frederick Road Campus, Allerton (L521)
Salford M6 6PU
United Kingdom
+44 (0)161 295 6552

Current positions

Senior Lecturer


Carlos completed his PhD in 1998 at the University of London (Institute of Education) under the supervision of the late Professor Basil Bernstein. He then moved to Barcelona, to the Open University of Catalonia, where he was Director of the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Carlos joined Salford in 2006 as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology. At Salford Carlos has fulfilled a number of academic leadership roles such as post-graduate coordinator and (currently) academic exchange coordinator; he also led the development and implementation of an MA on Human Rights.

Areas of Research

My research focuses on subjectivities: dynamic forms of conviction and affect which stand for what people ultimately want and strive for (not be confused with ‘identity’, which stands for what people are).

Research interests revolve around social and sociological theory, including social theory of the digital and ecological social theory; sociology of power and domination; studies addressing subjectivities, identities & representations (political, religious, gender, etc.), digital society, posthumanism and other nonhuman turn onto-narratives.

Areas of Supervision

I am happy to supervise PhD students undertaking (theoretically grounded) empirical or theoretical theses

in the fields of social and sociological theory, including social theory of the digital, ecological social theory and sociology of power and domination,

and on problems to do with subjectivities, identities & representations (political, religious, sexual, race etc.), digital society (including social media and AI chatbots (their promotion, reception, consequences)), the common and the commons, posthumanism and other nonhuman turn ontologies, (ongoing or past) genocidal & ecocidal processes.


Courses taught:
-Understanding the Social World (course convenor)
-Human Rights, Genocide and Resistance (course convenor)
Teaching contributions to the following courses:
-Digital Society
-Violence in Society
-Bodies: Biology to Blushing

Other courses taught in the past include:
-Thinking Sociologically
-Riots, Resistance and Revolutions (course convenor)
-Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights (course convenor)

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • PhD