Dr Arijit Mukhopadhyay

School of Science, Engineering & Environment

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Current positions



Current designation: Associate Professor in Precision Health

I am a well-established leader in the field of genetic biomarker discovery and precision health, sustaining an excellent publication record (h-index 29), and securing substantial research income (>£1.5 million). I specialise in research on disease genetics & genomics and have experience for nearly two decades working across multiple countries and continents. My research focus is early diagnosis of diseases using molecular genetic biomarkers for precise health management. I have published over 70 well cited peer reviewed publications (https://scholar.google.com/ArijitMukhopadhyay).

I have gained international recognition for excellent interdisciplinary collaborative research and innovative public outreach through film making ((https://youtu.be/MgWYvDEY3NA) and disseminated research through TEDx talk (https://youtu.be/88_NoJC9u4Y?si=SVfrI5hNwEUb2h6x).

I led the UoA3 REF2021 submission for colleagues in Biomedical Research Centre coordinating with the School of Health and Society as the overall Deputy-Lead.
I am passionate about my academic citizenship and work towards an equitable and inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity. I serve the University senate for the Academic Ethics and Research Integrity sub-committee. I also serve as Staff Wellbeing Lead for the School of Science Engineering and Environment (catering to ~500 staff) and contribute as part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing working group for the university.

Areas of Research

Human Genetics and Genomics, exosomes, biomarkers, microRNA