Dr Andrew Jenkins

School of Science, Engineering & Environment

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Current positions

University Fellow


I am passionate about urban agriculture, sustainable architecture, and circular urbanism. I search for holistic solutions to the growing number of challenges that cities face due to linear economies, growing populations, resource scarcity, and the climate crisis.

Typically, this manifests as carefully considered design solutions focusing on resource synergies and the interconnectedness of food, water, and energy, to slow and ultimately reverse ecological damage, to generate capital, and to create jobs to provide a better interface between nature, technology, and human development.

My key aim is to make cities healthier, happier, and more engaging places to live and work through the (re)introduction of blue and green infrastructure, inclusive of urban agriculture. Producing food in cities provides a new palette for architectural design, a new pathway for resilient urbanism, and critical infrastructure to assist in working towards bio-circularity in the built environment.

Areas of Research

Urban agriculture, green infrastructure, architecture, urban design, biophilic design, urban futures, design sprints