Ali Kadir

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Contact Details

Newton Building Room G79

Please email for an appointment.

Current positions

Senior Lecturer in the Engineering Discipline, European Placement and International Exchange Director for the School


I have been involved in teaching and providing learning support in different areas and levels of Engineering courses including laboratories and Experimental work.  In the past I have delivered ten modules every year, and due to a change in my role as European Placement and Exchange Director for the whole school, the number of teaching modules has been reduced because of this demand, enquiries, and the travelling which involves the development and monitoring of the students in Europe in addition to my involvement in marketing and recruitment for the School.

I define, set and supervise a number of undergraduate final year projects for the BSc, BEng and MEng courses in Aeronautical, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering with Pilot Studies programmes for at least 5-8 students and these projects involve experimental and company visit work.

In addition, I am involved in the moderation of the final year projects for the same courses, with a minimum of 8 students every year.

I am responsible for planning and organising the industrial trips for the students on the MSc Gas Engineering and Petroleum Engineering programmes, I am also the Student Liaison Officer for the Gas Engineering and Petroleum Engineering programmes.

I am responsible for the Directorship of European Placement and International Exchange and all the activities related in placing the students in European countries, this task involves placing students on the Erasmus Scheme or in Industry in Europe, the issues I have to deal with as a Director are:

  • Outgoing Students
  • Incoming Students
  • Returning Students
  • Enquiries from different Universities
  • Examination Organisation
  • Bilateral Agreement
  • Work placement in Europe and sometimes outside Europe

I define, set and supervise dissertations for a minimum of 6 students from the MSc programmes in Gas Engineering and Petroleum Engineering and moderate the dissertations of around 12 students, this also involves experimental and company work.

I have been allocated senior invigilator duties every year as a result of being the Examinations Officer a few years ago for the Aeronautical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering courses.

I have recruited many students for undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the University by attending Educational Exhibitions in the Middle East and Europe up to the present time.

I am constantly involved in the research for producing new materials and research information related to the modules I teach and intend to improve and modify the subjects I teach every year.  Visiting companies and universities in Europe gives me new ideas and information about the system and development elsewhere

I use Blackboard constantly to give feedback and send new learning materials to the students.

This year (2012/13) I have been nominated for Teaching Award by the Students' Union.

Also for this year I will be placing more students on work placement in Europe.

I enjoy boxing, running and weight training in which I do every week.

Areas of research

Thermophysics, Coating, Corrosion, Materials, Multi-physics


Currently I am teaching the following modules:

  • Engineering Mathematics E1 Level 4(20 Credits) (190 students);
  • Distribution, transmission systems and Design, Level 7(MSc), 15 Credits (100 students).
  • Fundamentals of Natural Gas, Level 7(MSc),10% of 15 Credits (100 students)
  • Engineering Structures, Level 4, 10 Credits  (135 students)

I have taught many other modules in Engineering in the last 28 years such as Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, Structural Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Electrical Principles, Microelectronics, Biomechanics, Engineering Design, Mathematics to first and second year of Engineering and was coordinator for all the Engineering Mathematics modules.

Research Interests

Corrosion, pipeline design in Distribution and Transmission systems and structural engineering.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • HND in Mechanical Engineering Three year Sandwich course
  • BSc (Hons) Applicable Mathematics
  • Currently registered for PhD in High Temperature Corrosion 
  • MIMechE, CIMA