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Robotics promises to change virtually every aspect of human life, from health care to transportation to work.

For more than 30 years the world leading commercial and grant funded research carried out by our team at Salford has been used to help UK food manufacturers remain competitive through the use of automated systems. It’s developed intelligent, multi function grippers that replicate the ability of the human hand for use in nuclear decommissioning and zero gravity environments. And it has let the NHS explore how innovative robotic devices can assist in the care and rehabilitation of patients.

As we move into the next 30 years, our areas of focus include autonomous vehicles, space technology, healthcare and the nuclear industry. Development of an exciting new Centre of Excellence for Robotics is underway that will provide a world class learning environment for our students and a 21st century base for our robotic and automation specialists, helping them to pilot and test the latest digital technology with our industry partners.


World-class robotics facilities

Home to one of the largest robotics groups in the UK, our facilities provide a superb learning environment for our students and are continually used in projects and collaborations with major companies across a broad range of sectors. 

Robotics facilities

Large industrial robotics laboratory

Houses a selection of fixed robots widely used in industrial settings plus a conveyor belt system used in food manufacturing.

  • Nachi Robot SC06F-02
  • KUKA KR10
  • KUKA KR160
  • KUKA KR180

Small industrial laboratory

Houses a range of smaller industrial robots plus a number of areas dedicated to soft robotics.

  • 2 x ABB IRB1200
  • ABB IRB140

Mobile robotics laboratory

A selection of wheel and leg-based mobile robot platforms available for teaching and research purposes.

  • 8 x Pioneer Mobile Robots P3-DX1 x Carebot
  • 16 x Turtlebots
  • 2 x NAO robots
  • 1 x Clearpath Husky Robot
  • 3 x Cranebots
  • 6 x Adept Arduino Smartcar

Meet the team

Professor Nefti-Mezian

Professor Samia Nefti-Meziani

Samia holds a Doctorat D’etat from ParisXI in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. She is an international leading expert with 30 years’ experience in the development of concepts, mechanisms and algorithms in the areas of both hard and soft robotics, automation and autonomous systems.

Samia has a well-established track record and has published extensively in the aforementioned areas which have appeared in very high impact factor journals and the most prestigious international publications in robotics, computer science and engineering.