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General Admissions Questions

Andrew Fleming

MSc Advanced Control Systems

MSc Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Anthony Jones

MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design

Dr.Guowu Wei

MArch Architecture

Dr. Claudia Trillo

MSc Audio Acoustics

MSc Enviornmental Acoustics

Dr. Jonathan Hargreaves

MSc Audio Production

Dr. Jos Hirst

MSc Biomedical Science

MSc Biotechnology

MSc Drug Design and Discovery

Dr. Natalie Ferry

MSc BIM and Digital Built Environments

Prof. Jason Underwood

MSc Building Surveying

Dr. Justine Cooper

MSc /LLM Construction Law and Practice

Dr. Paul Tracey

MSc Construction Management

Jenny Hudson

MSc Cyber security, Threat Intelligence and Forensics

Dr. Tooska Dargahi

MSc Data Science

Prof. Mo Saraee

MSc Gas Engineering and Management

Dr. Abubakar Abbas

MSc Enviornmental Assessment and Management

MSc Health and Global Environment 

MSc Safety, Health and Environment

MSc Sustainability

Dr. Debapriya Mondal

MSc Parasitology

MSc Parasitology (Biomedical)

MSc Parasitology (Genomics)

MSc Parasitology (Wildlife)

Prof.Joseph Jackson
MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering Dr. Ghasem Nasr
MSc Project Management in Construction Dr. Kaushal Keraminiyage

MSc Quantity Surveying 

MSc Quantity Surveying (Mechanical and Electrical)

John Forde
MSc Real Estate and Property Management Kevin Aspin
MSc Robotics and Automation Prof. Samia Nefti-Meziane
MSc Structural Engineering Dr. Laurence Weekes
MSc Transport Engineering and Planning Dr. Saad Yousif
MSc Wildlife Conservation Prof. Jean Boubli

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