Short Course: Immersive website design and development

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In 2021 we welcomed the metaverse, a new iteration of the internet that will dramatically change the way we work, communicate and play online. If you’re fascinated by extended reality (XR) and want to create immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments, this practical 13-week course will teach you the skills you need.

Immersive Website Design

Based at our MediaCity campus which features state-of-the-art digital production labs and cutting-edge technology, you will learn to develop your technical skills and learn to create your own XR environments. Even if you’re a beginner, we will teach you the practical techniques required. You will learn to understand key issues and developments in XR, and explore the theoretical and practical concepts associated with creating immersive environments.

Matmi New Media Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Coghlan, said: “Matmi supports the development of the short courses ‘Creative Coding with P5’ and ‘Immersive Website Design and Development’. From our perspective, these courses address an existing skill gap in the creative industries, forming professionals with the technical proficiency as well as the creative skills our industry requires.”


Further information on the courses can be found below:

  1. Digital Capabilities (L5)
  2. Data Analytics and Machine Learning (L4)
  3. Immersive Website Design and Development (L4)
  4. Creative Coding (L4)
  5. Data Analysis for Business (L4)
  6. Digital Marketing for Small Businesses (L4)


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