Salford student launches uniquely crafted wearable art online store

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A student who has had her work featured on the pages of Vogue has launched a wearable art online store.

Using her skills and talent in art and design, University of Salford postgraduate student, Enrique Tabone, is producing wearable art pieces and uniquely crafted items for her QUE website.

Enrique, who is studying Digital Curation at Salford, said: “This business combines my love of art and design, allowing me to create products for those who may wish to collect them or wear them.”

QUE features jewellery products and homewares made from plexiglass and combines fine art techniques with industrial metals to produce unique items available for purchase.

Previous to opening her online store, Enrique has done commissions for art galleries, weddings and exhibitions, and her products from QUE have been displayed in various publications such as British Vogue and Vogue Italia.

“My brand started with jewellery and then I noticed I was getting requests for more unique pieces for home, so I began to produce new products like cushions,” she continued.

“Most of the time, I get inspired without knowing I’m getting inspired. I start testing materials and see how it’s working, how it’s evolving, how some techniques are working – it gives me new ideas. Or sometimes, I look at the industry and see what’s happening.

She also had a physical store for QUE at her home in Malta but closed it when moving to Manchester. As she studied in Salford, this is where she sought help from Launch@ Salford, the University of Salford’s business incubator.

Launch was set up in 2018 with the idea of aiding students and alumni in developing their own business. As part of a six-month support programme, users get access to a plethora of support from the team, including training, guidance, office space and financial aid.

“I’m the type of person who is always ready to take the next step, the next risk,” Enrique shared, “and with investing in something this big, Launch are helping me to plan ahead and forecast what could happen. They’re very helpful in making me feel more secure in the steps that I’m taking.”

Justyna Turner, Incubation Manager at Launch, said: “QUE focuses on creating uniquely crafted art pieces that would appeal to everyone, art lover or not. Enrique has worked hard to develop her business and create something that is memorable. Having her work in this cohort has been fantastic for everyone.”

At the moment, Launch are helping Enrique to find a bigger workspace where she can create her products, and also to find gallery shops to physically sell her work.

Though her site specialises in homewares and wearable art, Enrique is looking to explore the creation of products outside of these categories.

Her products are available to purchase on her QUE website, and she can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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