Salford student elevates biotech consultancy and makes lab supplies affordable

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Currently pursuing her MSc in Biotechnology at the University of Salford, Ozgun Ceren Avincsal has embarked on an ambitious journey to reshape the landscape of biotech consultancy. Through her company, Healium Health Limited, she is set out to simplify the process for those keen on establishing clinics or laboratories and ensuring their smooth accreditation. With Launch@ Salford, this mission is steadily becoming a reality.

Ozgun Ceren Avincsal

Launch, Salford Business School's purpose-built incubation space, is designed to support Salford students and graduates through the start-up phase of their business journeys. Launch provides the physical space for budding entrepreneurs to share ideas with like-minded people, organise meetings, and seek crucial support from industry experts.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the critical significance of biotechnology became even more apparent. Recognising this pivotal moment, Ozgun strategically diversified Healium Health's supply chain for lab consumables, establishing a connection between Turkey and the UK. This move not only ensured the delivery of high-quality products but also emphasised cost-effectiveness and affordability for consumers.

Ozgun expressed, "Our collaboration with Launch@ Salford has been pivotal for Healium Health's progression. Their consistent support, paired with their insightful business mentoring, has magnified our potential. Their skill in connecting us with the right resources has been invaluable to our journey."

Paul Little, Incubation Manager at Launch@ Salford, remarked, "Ozgun stands as a shining example of the entrepreneurial determination and innovative vision we champion at Salford Business School. Her dedication to revolutionising biotech consultancy, coupled with her relentless pursuit to provide accessible, high-quality lab consumables, underscores the transformative potential our alumni bring to their respective fields."

In recognition of her forward-thinking and innovative contributions to the biotech sector, Ozgun was honoured with the prestigious Santander UK Universities award, underscoring her dedication and the promise of Healium Health.

Looking towards the future, Ozgun envisions expanding Healium Health's reach. She contemplates the possibility of establishing a dedicated diagnostic or research lab in the UK, aiming to strengthen Healium Health's foothold in biotech consultancy.

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