Salford alumna is revolutionising research, taking entrepreneurial route after PhD

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Manchester-based The Genre Lab. is shaking up the research industry with its interdisciplinary, accessible, and value-driven approach.

Following her PhD award from the University of Salford in 2022, Dr Caty Flynn has embarked on an innovative journey as the Founder of The Genre Lab. Ushering in a new era of research, The Genre Lab. is the first independent interdisciplinary research organisation of its kind, helping all organisations to facilitate change, save and generate income and time, and create lasting and valuable impact through expert services and innovative products. With the support of Launch@ Salford, her visionary approach is rapidly coming to fruition.

Dr Caty Flynn portrait

Launch, Salford Business School's purpose-built incubation space, is designed to support Salford students and graduates through the start-up phase of their business journeys. Launch provides the physical space for budding entrepreneurs to share ideas with like-minded people, organise meetings, and seek crucial support from industry experts.

Having faced mental health challenges in her teenage years, including an attempt to take her own life. Caty redirected her trajectory towards academia, transforming personal adversity into a beacon for change. Motivated by this personal journey and the pressing global mental health crisis, Caty conceived of "In Your Own WRITE." This innovative solution equips organisations with tools for proactive mental health support, embodying The Genre Lab.'s dedication to societal change, creativity and well-being. The programme was the seed which would later grow into the launch product of The Genre Lab.

Reflecting on her experience, Caty stated, "My association with Launch@ Salford has been transformative for The Genre Lab. The insights, mentoring and valuable connections facilitated by the programme, especially from Paul Little, have played a pivotal role in our growth. Their dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial spirits is commendable."

Paul Little, Incubation Manager at Launch@ Salford, commented, "This year marks the 5th anniversary of Launch@ Salford, and over the years, we've successfully hosted ten cohorts since our inception in 2018. It's become a pivotal incubation hub for fostering community entrepreneurs."

He added, "Caty perfectly embodies the innovative, ambitious mindset we strive to nurture at Salford Business School. The Genre Lab's unique approach to research, emphasising accessibility and interdisciplinarity, showcases the transformative influence our alumni can exert in their chosen sectors."

On her journey, Caty has secured over £80k in grants and awards, including accolades from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), The Big Pitch Competition, and of course, Launch@ Salford. These recognitions further solidify The Genre Lab.'s promise and Caty's commitment to her mission.

Looking forward, Caty and The Genre Lab. are set to reshape UK research, combining academic excellence with an accessible, independent approach, and focusing on key societal areas for change.

For more information about Launch@ Salford, please visit: https://www.salford.ac.uk/our-facilities/launch-salford.

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