Breaking barriers with laughter: Salford students making comedy accessible for everyone

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Four comedy writing and performance alumni at the University of Salford, James Tangye, Tom Roberts, Will Rice and Justin Glenister, along with Media and Performance alumna Elena Courtney, have launched Glass Crumpet, a comedy production company with a special focus. They aim to bring comedy to everyone, particularly those from working-class backgrounds. With the assistance of Launch@ Salford and their innovative "Pay What You Can" scheme, Glass Crumpet is making strides towards this goal.

Glass Crumpet logo

Launch, Salford Business School's purpose-built incubation space, is designed to support Salford students and graduates through the start-up phase of their business journeys. Launch provides the physical space for budding entrepreneurs to share ideas with like-minded people, organise meetings, and seek crucial support from industry experts.

Founded in 2022, Glass Crumpet is a Manchester-based comedy group dedicated to crafting and promoting comedy by the working class, for the working class. Their "Pay What You Can" scheme ensures accessibility, allowing audiences to contribute what they can afford.

Glass Crumpet made their debut at SalFunni 2022, are now returning to the spotlight with two brand new shows at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

James Tangye, one of the co-founders, shared, "Comedy has a unique power to uplift and connect. At a time when many are feeling the pinch of the cost of living, we want to bring some joy and laughter into their lives. We're passionate about making comedy accessible and inclusive. The support from Launch@ Salford has been instrumental in turning this vision into a reality."

Reflecting on the support received from Launch@ Salford, James further added, "The mentoring and business knowledge we received from Launch was integral to our development. Understanding different business models and strategies really helped guide our growth."

Paul Little, Incubation Manager at Launch@ Salford, said: "We're incredibly proud of what Glass Crumpet has accomplished. This group of students embodies the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit we foster here at Salford Business School. It's always rewarding to see our students use their creativity and passion to create something that positively impacts the community."

Future plans for Glass Crumpet include registering as a Limited Liability Partnership and using their platform to promote important societal discussions about men's mental health issues, as well as providing a platform for comedians from female, LGBTQ+ and ethnic minority backgrounds.

The group has been announced as one of this year's New Adelphi Theatre Supported Artists and has launched a YouTube channel to reach a wider audience. James Tangye and Justin Glenister were jointly awarded the Mike Craig Award for Comedy Writing. They're also hinting at the launch of a podcast and a website in October.

"As we expand our platform through various mediums, from YouTube to podcasts and our website, we're excited to reach more audiences. Our goal is to use comedy as a unifying force, bringing people from all walks of life together, even in these challenging times." James commented.

For more information about Launch@ Salford, please visit: https://www.salford.ac.uk/our-facilities/launch-salford.

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