Good storage and backup can help to prevent potential data loss and unauthorized access. Whether you are collecting new data or accessing existing data, you need to consider; where data will be stored, who will have access to the data and how they will be able to access the data.

It is important to think about managing the data with respect to any legal, ethical or contractual terms relating to data storage and access. Particularly in regard to protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of research participants.

For research involving 'illegal' data (e.g. terrorist information) please contact the Information Governance team for details of where this should be stored. A record of the permission to store this data will be required.

There are several storage and collaboration options available to University research staff:

  • Save work on the F: drive or V: drive
  • Request storage space on the V: drive through the IT Service Desk
  • Set up a SharePoint/Teams site to facilitate collaboration and store project documentation
  • Office 365 account facilitates collaboration, enables file access across multiple devices, and includes 1 Terabyte of storage through OneDrive.

The UK Data Service has guidance on data storage, security and back up.

The Library provides online help and guidance for using University storage systems.