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Trailblazers: An exciting new OA initiative in partnership with Lancaster University, University of Liverpool, and Liverpool University Press

Trailblazers is a new open access initiative for the rising stars of their disciplines. Built on collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the libraries of Lancaster University, University of Liverpool, University of Salford, and the distinguished publisher Liverpool University Press, Trailblazers combines OA publication, to maximise the opportunity for impact from early career research, with a series of author boot camps, which will equip Early Career Researchers with the knowledge and skills to support the publication of their work throughout their careers.

Selected Early Career Researchers will experience a transparent publication process, undergoing proposal and manuscript peer review, editorial guidance from senior commissioning editors, as well as professional copy-editing, typesetting, and marketing, concluding in the publication of an open access edition of their work. A series of masterclasses by publishing and library professionals will cover everything from how to write a proposal and turn a dissertation into a book, right through to how to index and what alt-text means, plus invaluable guidance on marketing, library collection management, research metrics, and how an open access monograph will benefit your research career.

By sharing knowledge from the publisher and library perspectives, the trailblazing Early Career Researchers selected for this programme will have a unique opportunity to truly understand the publishing process, while at the same time reaching the widest possible audience for their work.

The scheme is open for expressions of interest from University of Salford PGRs and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) of any discipline who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • This is your first long form publication as a solo author.
  • You do not have to comply with the UKRI’s Open Access Policy for book and monograph publishing.
  • You are a PGR or meet the UKRI definition of an ECR as someone who is either:
  • Within eight years of their PhD award (this is from the time of the PhD ‘viva’ oral test), or equivalent professional training
  • Within six years of their first academic appointment (the first full or part time paid employment contract that lists research or teaching as the primary function)
  • These periods exclude any career break, for example due to family care, health reasons, reasons related to COVID-19 (such as home schooling or increased teaching load)

To be considered for this opportunity please complete this trailblazers form by 30 April 2024. Submissions will be reviewed by your School, and you will be notified if you are to be put forward for the scheme by the end of May 2024. We aim to select one book for each School. Please contact the Library on for more information.

Open Access Monograph publishing

Publishing your book open access enables unrestricted access and distribution to anyone interested in your research, removing the need for purchasing or borrowing copies. It facilitates a diverse and increased readership, enabling impact and public engagement.

Funders such as UKRI and the Wellcome Trust now have open access policies for monographs and the next REF open access policy is likely to include an open access monographs requirement. For more information on funder requirements for open access monographs see Funder Open Access Requirements.

The University is keen to support authors to make their monographs open access and meet funder requirements. Advice for authors considering publishing their monograph open access is available on our Support for Open Access page.

Library commitment to open access monographs

At the University of Salford Library, we embrace the transformative power of Open Access (OA) monographs in academia to enable worldwide collaboration, knowledge sharing, and research progress.

Our Principles

Cost: We support sustainable, equitable and cost-effective OA monograph business models over costly Book Processing Charges (BPC).

Equitable Access: We champion universal access to knowledge, removing geographical and financial barriers. OA monographs embody this by providing unrestricted global access to scholarly content.

Academic Excellence: Our commitment to academic excellence fosters rigorous research, collaboration, and innovation. We advocate for diverse, quality-driven scholarship through OA monographs that encourage interdisciplinary cooperation and wider scholarly engagement.

Transparency and Accountability: By openly sharing research outputs, we contribute to a transparent research environment that encourages peer review, accountability, collaboration, and public engagement.

Our Commitment

Advocacy and Education: We are committed to advocating for OA monographs within our academic community.

Content Development: We will financially support sustainable OA monograph initiatives and publishing formats.

Collection Enrichment: Our library actively curates and boosts the visibility of OA monographs, ensuring they are accessible to researchers and students.

Author Support: We provide extensive support to authors aiming to publish Open Access monographs.

Advocating for Change: We collaborate with publishers, academic institutions, and policymakers to drive sustainable OA monograph publishing models.

Community Collaboration: We actively engage with academic libraries, consortia, publishers, and stakeholders to exchange best practices, insights, and resources.

How Salford is supporting open access monographs

The Library is providing financial support to these collective support initiatives:

These schemes offer equitable and sustainable business models, allow authors to publish without the payment of a fee and align with our teaching and research strategy.

We are currently having conversations with libraries and progressive publishers to develop alternative OA monograph publishing models and provide publishing opportunities for early career researchers at Salford. We are keen to have conversations with other organisations committed to developing new open access monograph publishing models.

Here are some examples of open access monographs we have supported through our institutional open access fund. For more information or to arrange a conversation contact