A selection of newspapers


Newspapers are a valuable source of information. They provide insight into what interests and concerns people both now and in the past.

The quality of newspaper articles can vary considerably, so you'll need to evaluate what you find carefully for bias or misleading information. Nevertheless, newspapers can be very helpful if used thoughtfully.

  • They can allow you to see what people thought and how people viewed an event when it happened, whether that's a film review, a protest march, or a change to legislation.
  • They can provide multiple points of view and different opinions about an issue, and sometimes offer comparisons, suggesting themes and ideas on a topic that you can then explore more fully using other sources.
  • They can help you to look at the historical detail of an event, the context around it and help you to follow changes over time.
  • They can help with dissertation research, critical thinking, and employability research. For example, Factiva and are great for doing pre-interview research on the companies or sectors that you're looking to get a job in.

Many UK newspapers allow access to recent content free via their websites, however, the Library provides some excellent newspaper sources that allow you to search simply and easily across many newspapers at once.

Newspaper sources

All of these resources are available in Library Search.

Gale OneFile News - Contains articles from major British and American national newspapers, as well as many local and regional newspapers. It also has an extensive collection of publications from many other countries. Watch our video, Finding articles in Gale OneFile News for help and advice.

Lexis+ UK Legal Research - Primarily a source for legal information, but also a key resource for articles from UK national and regional newspapers. Make sure you select the Content tab from the bar across the top of the home page then select Newspapers, to limit your search to newspapers, before you search! For further help watch the video Using Lexis+ to find newspaper articles.

Financial Times Online - We provide full access. The first time you access it you'll need to register for a personal account. The registration form asks for your email address - please use your University of Salford email address. Once registered you can follow topics of interest, set up alerts and save stories to read later. Take the My FT tour to find out more about it.

Newsstreams Newspapers - This covers the US, Canada and International newspapers, including some British titles. They include The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Jerusalem Post, South China Morning Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and many others. Please note – the most recent issues are not available for some titles.

Factiva (Dow Jones) - Provides access to global news sources. There is a business focus, though it can be used to search for any information on any current news topic. Factiva allows you to mark and export multiple news stories into a single file for easy data analysis.