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If you are an overseas university who would like to visit the University of Salford to discuss opportunities for collaboration please complete our 'Visitor Request Form' below.

This will enable us to understand the nature of your enquiry or visit and help us to plan accordingly in order to maximise your visit to the most relevant departments, and with the most appropriate colleagues to meet you during your time in Salford.


Telephone: +44 (0)161 295 4642

Please complete this form at least 21 days prior to the date of your proposed visit.

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Is an arrangement where the University approves all, or part of, an external award from another institution as providing specific credits towards a UoS programme. Guaranteed entry to UoS with advanced standing will be granted to applicants
Is an arrangement under which two institutions together provide programmes leading to separate awards (which may be at different levels) being granted by both
This is the EU’s flagship education and training programme which allows students to study or work in Europe. The University of Salford will take part in Erasmus+ until May 2023. If your university has a current Inter Institutional Agreement with Salford, staff exchanges through teaching mobilities are possible subject to approval. Staff exchanges through training mobilities will be assessed on a case by case basis
If your university does not have a current Erasmus+ or International Exchange agreement in place, staff exchanges through training mobilities will be assessed on a case by case basis
Is an agreement by which the University approves a partner to deliver part of all of one (or more) of it’s approved programmes
Is the opportunity offered to student to study outside of Europe
Is a programme delivered or provided jointly by two or more organisation, irrespective of the award (whether single, joint, dual/double or multiple). It refers to the education provided rather than the nature of the award
Is an arrangement under which two or more awarding institutions jointly approve and deliver a programme leading to a single award granted by both, or all, institutions
Is an arrangement which involves the use of an external organisations premises and facilities to support the delivery of a UoS taught programme by UoS staff to retain responsibility for teaching and assessment
Arrangement which may involve the use of another institution’s premises/facilities to support the delivery of a UoS PhD by UoS staff who retain responsibility for assessment examination and evaluation of the thesis
Is an agreement with another provider which allows individual applications to be considered for direct entry to a named progression route
Is an arrangement where an individual candidate or cohort may register for a UoS PhD award or other post graduate research award and undertake study at both UoS and another approved location of study
Is an agreement by which UoS approves a module or programme developed and delivered by another organisation and approves it as being of an appropriate standard and quality to contribute, or lead, to one of its awards
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