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We want you to know that we're still here to offer a helping virtual hand and can answer any questions you may have.

Health and Society admissions tutors

We're only an email away

Want to know more about a course module?  Keen to get the lowdown on which books to read over the summer? We might be working differently at the moment, but we've made sure to leave no question unanswered through our online events and information hub.  

Although we can't meet face-to-face right now - you can still contact us, as we're only an email away.

For questions in relation to covid-19 please visit this webpage

Here you can find the name and email address of the admissions tutor for your programme: 

Counselling and Psychotherapy Phil Eva, Rachel Mallen   Counselling-admissions@salford.ac.uk
Criminology and Sociology programmes  Tom Redshaw T.Redshaw1@salford.ac.uk
Diagnostic Radiography Sian McLean healthcare-RadiographyAdmissions@salford.ac.uk
Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work (Integrated Practice) Andrea Pepe  A.Pepe@salford.ac.uk 
Midwifery  Kathryn Bond K.S.Bond@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing (Adult) Nicola Pennington  N.J.Pennington@salford.ac.uk 
  Chris Fisher C.J.A.Fisher@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing (Children and Young People's) Edwina Thacker E.Thacker@salford.ac.uk 
  Keeley Guest K.M.Guest@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing (Mental Health) Will Hough  W.J.Hough@salford.ac.uk 
  Liz Garth  E.H.Garth@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing Studies (top-up) Helen Franks H.Franks@salford.ac.uk 
Nutrition and Exercise as Medicine Phillip Gray P.M.Gray@salford.ac.uk 
Occupational Therapy  Deborah Davys D.Davys@salford.ac.uk 
  Alan Mathew A.G.Mathew@salford.ac.uk 
Physiotherapy  Stuart Porter S.Porter@salford.ac.uk 
  David Dean  D.Dean@salford.ac.uk 
Physiotherapy (part-time) Louise Henstock  L.Henstock@salford.ac.uk
  Sarah Prenton S.Prenton1@salford.ac.uk
Podiatry  Gilly Mehraban G.Mehraban@salford.ac.uk
Professional Policing Natasha Moseley N.J.Moseley@salford.ac.uk
Prosthetics and Orthotics  James May  J.W.May1@salford.ac.uk
Psychology programmes Anne Pearson A.Pearson1@salford.ac.uk
Social Policy  Karen Kinghorn  K.Kinghorn@salford.ac.uk
  Dave Beck D.J.Beck@salford.ac.uk
Social Work  Donna Peach  D.Peach@salford.ac.uk 
Sport Rehabilitation  Michael Carolan  M.D.Carolan@salford.ac.uk
Sports Science & Sport Coaching Analysis Mark Quinn  M.E.Quinn@salford.ac.uk 

More general information?

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