Graduation 13.07.24

Real success for talented graduate following in brothers footsteps

Salford-born Charlie Jarvis Ratcliffe, 21, was presented with his first-class honours degree from Salford University this week and has also been awarded the prestigious RICS North West Board Prize for Best Student in BSc Real Estate Development and Management.

Real Estate runs in Charlie’s family, as Charlie follows in the footsteps of his older brother Tom Harvey Ratcliffe. The friendly rivalry is clear to see with both brothers graduating from the same course, winning the same award, and achieving the highest marks in their respective classes.

Charlie started his degree in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes his achievements all the more admirable.

The inspiration for the brothers’ venture into real estate comes from their father, Nicholas, who has been in the property business for many years. The family founded the Ratcliffe Property Group in 2018, under which sits Jarvis Commercial, focusing on commercial property, and Harvey Homes, focusing on Residential property.

Salford University alum Tom is now the Managing Director of Harvey Homes, having successfully developed 30 family homes at the company’s inaugural site in Knutsford.

Charlie’s future looks equally as bright as he considers his career options. His outstanding marks have opened up many opportunities for him, both in the UK and abroad.

While the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t make life easy for Charlie, he commented that he still enjoyed his experience at Salford University, saying: “Over the three years at Salford, the lectures were amazing, and the course content was very informative and interesting. I'd say the only thing is, like most of the students in my position, it wasn't the proper ‘university experience’ due to the pandemic, but with that in mind, everything else was very great and I thoroughly enjoyed my three years. I’m obviously delighted to finish with a first-class degree, and feel very humbled to have been awarded the RICS award.”

A representative from Salford University commented: “Charlie's excellent graduation results are a testament to the remarkable successes of our students. We congratulate Charlie and wish him all the best in his career endeavours.”