Data protection for graduates

Four graduates celebrating on campus

All graduates

By registering to attend your graduation ceremony you agree to have your name printed in the graduation brochure and associated merchandise. Please note ceremonies are filmed and broadcast live over the internet.

Whether you are attending or not attending a graduation ceremony, the following will happen:

  • Your name, school, award title (but not your classification – except for a 1st or a Distinction) will be included in the university's graduation ceremony souvenir brochure
  • Your name and school will be printed on the university's 'Class of' merchandise
  • If you are not attending a ceremony and you object to the publication of your personal data, please contact the graduation office on or +44 (0)161 295 2313 

Graduates attending a graduation ceremony

Graduation is a memorable public statement of students' achievements and the following features are considered to be essential parts of the ceremony.

  • Your full name and award title (but not your classification) will be read out at the ceremony immediately prior to you walking across the stage.
  • You will be filmed at the ceremony as part of the live streaming of our ceremonies, which are hosted on YouTube. The film may also be shown at future graduation events and receptions. Footage will also be used by StageClip to provide you with a free clip of yourself crossing the stage – the link to download this clip will be emailed to you by the Alumni Engagement team within 24 hours of your ceremony.
  • As you cross the stage, the university’s preferred supplier of photography (Tempest) will take a ‘capture the moment’ shot of you with the Presiding Officer. These will be displayed following each ceremony and available for graduates to purchase.
  • Crowd shots will be taken by the university's photographers, which may include images of yourself and your guests.
  • If you attend a graduation celebration such as a prize giving ceremony, there will be photographers present, and therefore shots taken may include images of yourself and your guests.
  • It's possible that television companies may be present to interview honorary doctors and other VIPs, or to film the event generally. If you don't wish to appear on television, you should maintain your distance from any filming taking place.
  • During the ceremonies and celebrations, the university photographers will be present. They will be using the opportunity to take individual and group shots to be used on the graduation website, for future graduation brochures and for marketing and promotion in the UK and overseas.
  • Visual images may be used in both printed and electronic format and will be used for no longer than three years. Consent will be sought from you and your guests prior to photographs being taken. If you don't wish for your photograph to be taken, you should tell the photographer when consent is requested.

Information relating to disability and access needs will only be used to make reasonable adjustments at the ceremonies. This information will not be shared with the Alumni Engagement and Development team, and will be deleted from our records after the graduation ceremonies.

Alumni engagement and development

Following graduation personal data from your student record will be made available to the Alumni Engagement and Development Office who will manage your ongoing relationship with the university.  This includes your contact details used to register for graduation, details of your award and your intention to attend a graduation ceremony.

The Alumni Engagement team is committed to preserving and developing the university’s relationship with its graduates. The university has a global alumni community of over 200,000 graduates who are working in all sectors and are our biggest advocates and supporters.

The Alumni Engagement and Development privacy statement explains how your personal information may be used and held and what your rights are. This is a brief summary:

  • This information helps us to keep in touch with you as a member of the Salford alumni and supporter community. We use your personal information to record your relationship with us, keep you updated about University news, invite you to events, and for fundraising purposes.
  • We will never sell, trade or give away your data.
  • It is always your choice about how we use your personal information and how we contact you.  Please contact us to change your communication preferences or to change the way we use your data via or the communication preferences webform.

Contact us if you require more information, have any queries or need further advice regarding the use of your personal data for graduation purposes:

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