External Examiners Scheme of Fees

Our Scheme of Fees is in line with the mandatory HMRC requirement for payments to reflect hourly rates and the number of hours undertaken to complete the work. As a Living Wage Employer, the University’s Scheme of Fees ensures that all External Examiners are paid in line with the rate determined by the Living Wage Foundation which exceeds the National Living Wage rate. 

From November 2023, all External Examiners’ payments will be based on the following standard annual fees, paid on production of their annual report(s):

Category Annual Fee (£)
Programme area responsibility* 504.00
Additional programme responsibility at a different level* 453.60

* Includes all modules, related programmes, named pathways, number of intakes, sites of delivery and intermediate terminating qualifications 

The annual fee has been based on nominal time allocations defined below for each area of responsibility/activity that reflect £50.40 per half day (3 hours 45 minutes) and £100.80 per full day (7 hours 30 minutes). The hourly rate used for the calculations is £12.00 plus £1.44 holiday pay giving a total per hour of £13.44. 

  • Annual reports – paid £100.80 based upon one full day (7 hours 30 minutes) which includes all preparatory and associated activities.
  • Moderation of sample of assessed work – paid £201.60 based upon two full days (15 hours). This may include observation of live performances, observed structured clinical examinations, teaching practice, etc., where appropriate.
  • Verification of draft assessment briefs/exam scripts - paid £50.40 based upon half day (3 hours 45 minutes) which includes monitoring the suitability of marking criteria, marking schemes and model answers as applicable.
  • Board of Examiners - paid £50.40 based upon a half day (3 hours 45 minutes) attendance at Board of Examiners. Additional payments will be made if more than one Board is attended.
  • Other responsibilities – paid up to £50.40 based upon half day (3 hours 45 minutes) for any other additional duties including the provision of advice on programme and/or module, content coherence, currency, balance and structure; and the provision of written comments on changes to programmes and programme/module mappings for new and revised articulation arrangements.

In addition, external examiners are paid to undertake induction during first year of appointment and on going updating each year as follows:

  • Induction for newly appointed examiners – paid £50.40 based upon a half day (3 hours 45 minutes) attendance at the External Examiner’s Induction event and/or undertaking the online training sessions during first year of appointment.
  • Annual updating for continuing examiners – paid £50.40 based upon half day (3 hours 45 minutes) for undertaking online briefing in subsequent years.  

The table below shows the calculation of the annual fee for a continuing external examiner based upon the above activities: 

Activity Days Hours Total (£)
Report 1.0 7.50 100.80
Moderation 2.0 15.00 201.60
Verification 0.5 3.75 50.40
Attendance at Board 0.5 3.75 50.40
Comments on changes 0.5 3.75 50.40
Updating regulations and policies 0.5 3.75 50.40
Total 5.0 37.50 504.00

Any claims that exceed the time allocated for any of the activities will not be accepted without prior approval. Travelling time to and from the university may not be claimed. 

Email externalexaminers@salford.ac.uk for earlier versions of this document.