Hg Access to Tech Scholarships

Hg is Europe's largest investor in software and technology, with an investment portfolio of 40 businesses across Europe and North America, a collective value of over $70bn, and around 50,000 employees. 

Hg is passionate about talent and skills within the tech industry, and we are honoured to have partnered with Salford alumnus and Hg's Executive Chairman and Senior Partner, Nic Humphries, to create the Hg Access to Tech Scholarship programme with the aim of breaking down barriers to access to tech education and careers.

The Scholarship

The Hg Access to Tech Scholarship launched in the 2021/22 academic year, awarding five students completing a STEM course - Science, Technology, Mathematics or Engineering - with a financial reward to support them during their undergraduate degree. We are delighted that the programme will initially run until 2024, with a total of 14 scholarships available during this period.

When asked about the scholarships, Nic Humphries said: 

"Across an ecosystem of leading software businesses surrounding Hg, we see first-hand how careers in technology continue to be in high demand across the workplace - it's such a critical time for technology education and skills development. Economies can only meet this demand by removing barriers to those wishing to pursue these careers. 


"Tech is the future and an area where a high proportion of job growth is predicted - we recognise this at Hg and it is also something that is personally important to me. I want to open doors for those that want to enter the industry by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to start their career. 

I was lucky enough to study at the University of Salford before moving into the tech industry myself. It feels like a natural fit to launch this partnership and I am confident that this sponsorship will unlock the potential of many young people wishing to study a STEM subject, who previously thought it was out of reach."

Industry collaboration, alongside improving access to learning, is a strategic priority for the University, and it is thanks to donors like Nic Humphries that we are able to support students who may otherwise be deterred from higher education with a non-repayable financial reward and the support to achieve their potential.