Santander Universities - Employability

Our Santander Employability Programme has been developed to provide students with the opportunity to improve their employability by completing a paid internship with a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) in Greater Manchester. We’ve had great success over the years, with several interns securing permanent employment.

During the 2020/21 academic year, we were able to support nine students with fantastic internship opportunities, including one with an SME that began their journey with Launch @ Salford, Learn with ESS

For the 2021/22 academic year, the team helped 14 students to secure an internship, with the funding used to match the Real Living Wage.  

Here's what some of our students had to say about their experience:


During the course of my internship, I have accumulated a series of skills that have strengthened and expanded my understanding: utilising social media planner platforms, finding interesting resources for content, time management, punctuality, and delivery schedules.

Yasmeen, BSc (Hons) International Business ManagementThe Chameleon Agency


It’s been a real learning curve, experiencing how to manage client expectations, real-life timescales of design, and how to work with contractors.

Ria, BA (Hons) Interior Design, Suez


I was given a nice amount of responsibility straight away to get stuck in to and have been pushed to juggle multiple deadlines which I have enjoyed.

Stephen, MSc Media Psychology, Sagegreen Consulting