Environmental sustainability is embedded within the University through high-level commitment from University leadership and our policies. In the new University of Salford Corporate Strategy 2022-2027, sustainability is defined as one of the key pillars defining success.

A number of University groups provide strategic direction, support and oversight for implementation of the University policies and overall responsibility for sustainability at University of Salford sits with the University Leadership Team Lead for Sustainability, Professor Karl Dayson, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation.

We have launched the University Sustainability Board which will ensure that the University delivers on its commitments to Net Zero Carbon and develops a cohesive approach to sustainability that embeds sustainability and our net zero commitments across the campus. The Board, chaired by the ULT Lead for Sustainability, will include representatives from across the University including the Sustainability Office, the academic Schools, Estates and Facilities, Finance and Procurement, Travel Office, HR and Marketing/Communications, Digital IT, The Library, Student Support, Students’ Union, Trade Unions and at least two student representatives.

The core responsibilities of the Board will be cross-cutting and ensuring that decision-making at every level of the University’s activities takes account of sustainability and net zero targets. The Board will establish a programme of prioritised activity and investment that will forward our commitment to sustainability across the following themes. The team will monitor and track progress against the agreed objectives to ensure delivery.

The central Sustainability Office, which sits within the Vice-Chancellor's Office has overarching responsibility for the development and delivery of the Sustainability Strategy and Plan. It looks to make sustainability a “business as usual” activity for the University and provide the support, resources, and central hub to enable the University to deliver not only its corporate goals, but a moral imperative to protect the aspirations of future generations.

The Environmental Sustainability Team in Estates and Facilities is responsible for the delivery of operational sustainability across the University campus, environmental management compliance, and maintaining our Environmental and Energy Management Systems certifications.

Central Sustainability Office

The central Sustainability Office manages the annual budgets for large-scale sustainability projects such as net zero carbon, education for sustainable development and sustainability communications and engagement. Business cases and requests for further funding are submitted via the Strategic Portfolio Board through the central University financial process.

Professor Karl Dayson

Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation

  • University Leadership Team Lead for Sustainability

Professor Will Swan

Academic Director of Sustainability / Director Energy House Laboratories  

  • Leadership of the implementation of our sustainability plan and the future evolution of our strategy

Bec Bennett

Assistant Director of Sustainability 

  • Lead on Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Net Zero Carbon
  • Lead for Sustainable Procurement Strategy
  • Lead for Sustainable Construction Policy

Nigel Blandford

Sustainability Innovation Manager

  • Driving innovation in the Sustainability Strategy

Neva Mowl

Education for Sustainable Development Officer

  • Lead for Education for Sustainable Development Strategy


Sustainability Engagement Officer

  • Lead on Sustainability Communication and Engagement Strategy

Megan Hubbard

Graduate Sustainability Communications Officer

  • Support for Sustainability Communication and Engagement Strategy
  • Lead for student-focussed sustainability communication and engagement programmes
  • Part-time in Sustainability Office, part in Students' Union

Environmental Sustainability Team

The Environmental Sustainability Team manages the annual budgets for operational sustainability including energy management, energy projects, waste management, sustainable travel and biodiversity/green campus. Business cases and requests for further funding are submitted to the central Sustainability Officer via the Environmental Projects Board and the central University financial process.

Hawre Baban

Associate Director of Development, Estates and Facilities

  • Oversees the Environmental Sustainability Team
  • Responsible for ensuring sustainability considered within the Estates and Campus Plans  

Emma Goodchild

Environmental Sustainability Manager

  • EEMS Manager - environmental
  • Lead for Waste Management Strategy implementation
  • Lead for Sustainable Travel Plan implementation
  • Lead for the Landscape Management Plan implementation
  • Lead for legal environmental compliance
  • Sustainable Procurement Champion in Estates and Facilities

Phil Harris

Carbon and Energy Manager

  • Lead on Energy, Water & Scope 1 and 2 Carbon Management Plan implementation
  • EEMS Manager – energy
  • Lead for Energy Design Standard


Environmental Management Coordinator

  • Coordination of Environmental and Energy Management System
  • Support for Waste Management Plan