Go Green Salford

Go Green Salford is one of our sustainability engagement programmes. By running events and sharing tips, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and encourage positive change amongst University of Salford students, staff and the local community.

Past events

This year Go Green Salford 2024 ran from 4 to 22 March with more than 20 different events and activities. Activities included talks about decarbonisation of our campus, sustainable homes or our local wildlife, popups on campus on how how bad are bananas, how to reduce waste and recycle more and how to engage with activities such as our community garden, hedgerow planting, cycle maintenance or litter picking.

Sustainable Development Goals Teach In logo by SOS-UK

Sustainable Development Goals Teach In

The annual SDG Teach In is taking place throughout the entire month of March.

Delivered by SOS-UK, the campaign aims to put the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and therefore sustainability overall, at the heart of all stages of education and across all disciplines.

Colleagues are invited to take the pledge to embed the SDGs into their teaching, and students to encourage their educators to make a pledge.

Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) aims to empower learners to take informed decisions, and responsible actions, for environmental integrity and economic viability for both present and future generations.

If you are a member of staff interested in ESD then why not join the ESD Community of Practice on MS Teams, where you can  keep up to date on ESD activity across the university, share your own practice and ask for advice from fellow colleagues.

If you have any questions about ESD at Salford please contact Neva Mowl, Education for Sustainable Development Officer.