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Wind turbines, mountains and cities

Amidst the turmoil brought by the pandemic, COP26 highlighted the climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our lifetime. Achieving net-zero emissions. Ensuring global health. Protecting previous ecosystems. There is so much we urgently need to do. Now is the time rebuild a sustainable planet.

If you are considering postgraduate study to either advance your career or take a new direction where you can better manage our environment, see where a environment-focused postgraduate degree with the University of Salford can take you.

Start an environment career path in 2022

Rising to the challenge of our perilous world, we offer a range of environment postgraduate courses that can be the start of your next journey. So, if you are looking to help organisation be more sustainable, or you want to drive policies to make a difference, see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Environment postgraduate courses


The University of Salford is growing its teaching, research and consultancy services for environmental-management based practitioners.  We've designed our courses help you to build professional practice knowledge, analyse the ‘big issues’ in environmental science and develop critical thinking.

Industry-focused approach

The professional practice element of our courses enables you to work with an external organisation on a specific project. This opportunity encourages you to develop a range of relevant and transferable skill in professional communication, project management and professional networking.

With an emphasis on authentic, experimental problem-based learning, our courses are shaped to upskill graduates and professionals who share our passion for creating better environments for everyone.

Research-informed learning

Our environment-based courses are delivered by academics and practitioners who are part of our Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre, a community supporting goals including achieving zero hunger, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, life below water, and life on land.

Our postgraduate courses all include research design and delivery. You will learn to plan and execute a programme of research and to analyse research results  in a field and laboratory settings.

Environmental management postgraduate courses at Salford

Environmental Assessment and Management (MSc)

Wind turbines
  • Explore management, technological and regulatory systems designed to reduce environmental risks
  • Build legal, economic, social and scientific perspectives of environmental assessment and management
  • IEMA accreditation enables course graduates to qualify for GradIEMA professional status

Health and Global Environment (MSc)

Man wearing a face mask
  • Develop critical and analytical skills to manage a range of health-specific topics with global relevance
  • Learn how to implement the theories behind health and the global environment
  • Understand the role and impact stakeholders and institutions have in influencing global health

Safety, Health and Environment (MSc)

Safety helmets
  • Broaden your knowledge of both environmental and occupational health
  • Develop skills relevant to modern Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) practice
  • Learn how to undertake health, safety and environmental audits

Sustainability (MSc)

A group of beekeepers
  • Study topical issues, including food security, renewable energy, water security and waste management
  • Explore best practice and radical approaches in delivering sustainability projects and practices 
  • Develop your theoretical and practical knowledge of global issues such as pollution and remediation

Wildlife Conservation (MSc)

a close-up view of a tiger
  • Explore current field methods and techniques used to measure and evaluate biodiversity
  • Understand how invasive species and pathogens alter local ecological communities and biodiversity
  • Develop skills to produce and interpret maps for conservation planning and monitoring

Environment postgraduate research

Take your subject interest further with postgraduate research.

Our Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre is home to PhD and Research Master’s opportunities exploring a range of topics, from energy and food security to ecosystem services and environmental assessment.

Explore our Doctoral School to learn more about research training, support and opportunities.

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