Graduate Enterprise Studentship

Students working in Clifford Whitworth Library

Our links with industry have led us to develop a Graduate Enterprise Studentship, in which the research candidate undertakes commercial work alongside original research, becoming fluent in both academic and industry requirements, and being able to conceptualise, undertake and translate research that meets the needs of industry. 

Case Study

Elle Kalavsky, who graduated from the BEng Acoustical and Audio Engineering course earlier this year, has recently become the trailblazer for a new “Graduate Enterprise” PhD. This scheme is designed to develop students’ fluency in both academic and industrial environments. It involves Elle spending one day per week in the University’s Acoustic Testing Laboratory and the rest of the week working on her PhD. The research investigates “poroelastic metamaterials for simultaneous noise and vibration mitigation”. Traditionally, controlling and absorbing low frequency noise requires thick, bulky absorptive material. Additionally, structural vibrations require separate treatment involving a damping layer – both noise issues are seldom solved together, however Elle’s research aims to develop simultaneous control and has potential applications in both automotive and construction industries.

Alongside Elle’s research, the commercial acoustic testing done in the Acoustics Laboratories at Salford covers a variety of test methods and samples – from partition walls, windows and doors, to textiles and carpets, to automotive parts and domestic appliances. The experience gained in this commercial unit in the University not only develops Elle’s knowledge of common issues in a range of industries, but also develops the communication skills needed to work effectively with industry.