Human and Natural Sciences - Peter Martin

Peter Martin studied at the University of Salford for a PhD under the Pathway to Excellence Studentship, graduating in July 2019 with a PhD in Molecular Biology. Reflecting on his experience Peter says: “Studying at the University of Salford, under the supervision of Dr. Rhoderick H. Elder, provided me with many opportunities to collaborate and acquire relevant and contemporary scientific skills. Throughout my PhD, I was able to discuss my work freely and critically with my supervisor. As a result, the research I undertook was enjoyable and successful. This led to the successful defence of my thesis and publication of several articles in internationally renowned scientific journals. I am currently a Post-doctoral Training Fellow at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, in the Genomic Instability and Cancer Team. I focus my research on the further understanding of the molecular mechanisms that enable cells to maintain their genomic integrity. In addition, I explore how these mechanisms may be exploited for the development of novel anti-cancer therapeutic strategies. The training in molecular biology and biochemistry that I received at the University of Salford, combined with multiple opportunities to collaborate, enabled me to compete for positions at highly regarded research institutes. This has enabled me to continue my research career at one of the most recognised institutes in the world for research excellence.”