Built Environment - Nourhan Heysham

Nourhan Heysham is a PhD candidate in the Built Environmental and Acoustics directorate in our School of Science, Engineering and Environment. She is an Architect and Urban Researcher with a passion for spatial data mapping for urban development.

Nourhan's research focuses on geospatial mapping of social capital for grassroot economies, looking into mapping spatial influences on socioeconomic patterns in unique cases of urban economies. She is specifically interested in the case of Damietta Egypt, which encompasses a strong local furniture industry exhibiting a mixture of long-term social capital network in industry as well as climate change spatial vulnerability.

Before joining Salford, Nourhan was an Assistant Lecturer at Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering. She taught Architecture and Urban Studies, and aimed to seek further prospects in research and academia through doctoral studies at the University of Salford.

Nourhan says: “Throughout my studies at Salford, I was able expand my abilities and get more exposure as a researcher, not only through my PhD research and trainings, but also through working on large-scale research projects such as ERDF-funded IGNITION project, as well as the Manchester Ship Canal urban corridor development project. Taking part in the CIB Student Chapter was also an important experience for me, where I got to help shape the PGR community through collaborative academic and social events. Learning to build on the collective skills of fellow researchers towards a common goal was one of the vital lessons I’ve learnt within the academic community at Salford.”