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In a nutshell

Have you got a passion for sport and the ambition to succeed in business? Our BSc (Hons) Business Management with Sport courses gives you the skills, knowledge and industry experience you need for a sports management career in the global sports industry. This undergraduate programme is highly practical, so you will enhance your CV, build professional experiences and develop your industry skills as a future leader. You will practise your employability skills in the context of the sport industry, but also gain an understanding across core business and management functions. This course is taught at our University of Salford campus close to Manchester city centre.

Guaranteed offer 2021. We know this could be a stressful year for applicants and want to support you to reach your goal.

All applicants to a Business, Law or Accounting undergraduate programme starting September 2021 will be given a guaranteed offer of a place and we'll support you to get the grades you need. Your offer will set out the tariff you need to achieve in order to join your chosen course next September. Find out more

Sport is at the heart of all that is Greater Manchester. It influences and impacts on many business sectors along with providing world class facilities and sporting venues that deliver a superior experience for any sports consumer. Of all the cultural, historical and industrial impacts Greater Manchester has had on the world, it is sport that has really put the region on the map in many different ways and across different sporting disciplines. With expertise in sports event management, marketing and digital technologies, globalisation and sport media, Salford Business School’s reputation for sports teaching, research and knowledge development is reflective of a region that is home to two of the most valuable and recognised football clubs in the world.

Our close partnerships with a number of sports organisations (for example, Manchester City FC, Salford Red Devils, Super League, Salford City FC and Manchester Storm) connected to our experienced and passionate programme team ensures that our curriculum meets the current needs of global employers and that you receive fantastic opportunities for real world assessments, networking and work placements.

"If you are looking to choose Business Management with Sport, then you will be in great hands. The programme leader Nicola along with Joe are the perfect people to have by your side during your time at the university. They have great personalities which enable you to develop a relationship; not only can you talk to them on a personal level but you can learn so much from them too."  Ashley Walker, BSc Business Management with Sport, graduating 2020

This programme is also delivered in Bahrain by our partner, British University of Bahrain; visit their website to find out more.

We have worked with industry partners to make sure the programme is highly practical, career-focused and industry-informed to prepare you for a successful management career. We are proud to work with our student panel to ensure our teaching is relevant, inclusive and respectful for all.

During your degree, you will have the option to participate in the Study Abroad programme. The programmes allows you the chance to spend your second year studying on an international exchange with one of our global partner institutions in Europe, the US or the rest of the world.

This programme has been reviewed and updated for September 2021.

Want to find out more about our Business courses? Sign-up to an Open Day or attend a campus tour. Our supportive course enquiries team can also help you with any general questions you may have.

You will:
  • Study the fundamental principles that underpin a career in business management
  • Gain an understanding of innovative ethical and sustainable business practices
  • Learn practical management skills from business simulations and live projects
  • Build your own personal portfolio to enhance your CV and demonstrate your knowledge and skills to future employers
  • Develop your personal skills and confidence with opportunities for work placement or study abroad
  • Study in a supportive environment where you are a name, not a number

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This is for you if...


You are looking for a sport business education that prepares you for a future career


You are looking to develop a range of highly employable skills


You are looking to provide solutions to the global sport business industry


You want to explore different areas of sport business management before you specialise in one area


You want to study sport business in a dynamic and passionate sporting region


You want to access opportunities - such as work placement and study abroad - to develop your hands-on skills

Course details

All about the course

During the first year of your programme, you’ll develop an understanding of the core principles that underpin the sport business industry as an area of academic study. As the course progresses, you’ll have the opportunity to specialise through optional modules, undertake a year-long work placement and prepare yourself for the world of work in the sports industry through our Professional Development module.

Under the supervision of our industry facing academics and support staff, you will gain the knowledge and learn the skills that will not only make you an attribute to the global sports industry, but allow you to enter high-level employment across a variety of sports related sectors.

"This programme brings together the exciting and ever-evolving sport industry with a clear emphasis on the fundamental principles of business and management and how this is delivered within the sector. There is an emphasis on the sporting business environment and entrepreneurship - key principles that are relevant within the global industry. The practical nature of the programme allows students to enhance their employability skills and gain a deeper understanding of the expectations of sporting employers from global professional sports clubs to governing bodies." Nicola McCullough, Programme Lead

In your first year, you will start to develop an understanding of how organisations run, looking at key business concepts and the core skills you need for any management career. You will be learning by doing through working on exciting and innovative business simulations or real-world projects. You will also have the opportunity to try out subjects you haven’t studied before and perhaps find out that you want to specialise in them.

The second year is all about exploring more specialised theories and learning skills that will be transferable across multiple business functions.  With core and optional modules, you can start to shape your own learning. The Professional Development module is designed for you to practise the skills you need – CV writing, being interviewed, assessment centres - to apply for and get your dream job. 

By your final year, you are becoming a professional, developing the skills needed for responsible leadership and understanding how to think strategically.  Core modules increase your in depth knowledge and continue your career development while the optional modules allow you to specialise in your areas of interest


We strongly encourage you to develop your personal skills and your confidence by studying abroad during your second year or doing a work placement in your third year.  A work placement really enhances your CV and shows future employers that you can apply the skills, knowledge and understanding you have learned. If you choose to take the Professional Experience Year option, you will not pay fees to the University and will earn a wage for the work that you do. Find out how one of our Business Management with Sport students got on in his work placement at Umbro producing a promotional video for their new football boots. Find out more.

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Year one

Digital and Business Skills

The Digital and Business Skills module introduces a range of digital tools for academia and the workplace. Important business skills such as management, collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to the module. Regular engagement with online platforms provides tasks to improve digital competency. Also, cocreation work presents self-reflection and confidence building opportunities.  Gaining the inspiring digital enterprise award (iDEA), completing LinkedIn learning assessments for Microsoft software applications, and completing collaborative video creation tasks will increase your digital and business skills as you progress towards the completion of this module. Digital Business is here to stay, so it is vital to improve these 21st century skills.

Data Analysis for Business

In this module you will be introduced to a variety of data analysis methods, which will be practiced on real world data sets. Regular formative assessment will be set for practice, with timely feedback given to aid learning and personal development.

You will have an opportunity to formulate your own research questions before analysing data to draw reasonable conclusions. The module will predominantly utilise real data and include a mixture of computer-based questions, calculations, interpretation and drawing conclusions.

The Sporting Event Environment

The Sporting Event Environment module will develop students’ understanding and knowledge of the global sport events industry and the module will allow students to explore the strategic importance of sports events from an economic, political, social and cultural lens. Contemporary issues and case studies related to the sport event environment and the sport will be presented, analysed and discussed. The module will also allow students to identify the importance of global sports events stakeholders, partnerships and will consider some of the

Understanding Organisations

This module provides you with an introduction to the key functions of business and is an opportunity to see how they work. You will get an understanding of functions including people management, accounting, marketing and operations, and how they underpin business success. This is illustrated through the lens of some of the successful businesses from across the Greater Manchester region that Salford Business School work with: we will look at a range of businesses including startups, family businesses and large scale enterprises and multinationals from different industry sectors. It is a first opportunity to see what makes businesses tick and will help you think about your future learning and employment journeys.

The Future of Business

What are the opportunities for business in the future? Starting with a grounding in the business context you will gain an understanding of economics and the digital environment, including the role of the digital economy. We will explore some of the key challenges that are on the horizon such as the impact of massive digitisation and industry 4.0, inclusive growth, food security and the climate emergency, and look at the opportunities for business to provide responsible and sustainable solutions

Sport Business in Practice

This module is all about practical experience: using a business simulation tool you will have a chance to get into the heart of a sports organisation. Working in a group you will see what it is like to be the decision makers and influence the success of your business. This is hands on learning which will teach you the fundamental principles you will require for working in the sports industry.

In the first semester, you have the opportunity to choose a short (10 credit) module in an area you might be interested in or that you've never tried before. Details of what these are will be announced in December. [

Year two

Professional Development

This module will enable you to plan and carry out appropriate professional development activities to increase your employability and performance. These include self-presentation, professional networking, project planning and implementation, team working, influencing and multimedia communication. You will gain all the necessary experience required to take advantage of global employment opportunities. 

This innovative module has been nominated for the Course and Curriculum Design award in the 2018 Guardian University Awards. One participant commented “It was thanks to this module that I gained a much better understanding of what employers are looking for and where I stand in comparison to that from the marks and feedback received… This proves to me I do have the experience and competencies sought after by employers. Realising this has really boosted my confidence.”

Sport and the Media

The relationship between Sport and the Media is at the heart of the business and commercial value of the global sporting industry. The media impacts on a range of sport businesses, sport organisations or governing bodies and provides opportunities and challenges for serval areas including sport marketing, sponsorship, and engagement with sports consumers. The module will introduce you to emerging and future developments in sport media and provide opportunities to critically analyse the dilemmas of rights holders, the use of multi-digital and social media, as well as strategies to engage consumers and sports sponsors.

Sport in the Digital World

This module will evaluate the relationship between sport and the media and allows you to critically evaluate the cultural, economic and pollical importance of sport to the global media landscape. Using the increasing body of scholarship emerging from media studies, students will examine and evaluate the role of sport and its relationship with contemporary conceptual issues in sport and the media.

Analysis for Sport Sponsorship

Analysing and understanding data is at the heart of business decision making. In this module you will build on the data analysis skills that you learned in your first year, looking specifically at sport sponsorship and getting practical experience of using data to inform management decisions. You will work with data used every day by industry professionals and develop the skills you will need for your future career.

Live Project in Sport Business

This module is a chance to get hands on experience inside a real organisation. Working in teams, reflecting your future working environment, you will help one of our partner organisations develop a solution to a current business problem. This is a chance to apply people, project and time management in practice and to see how your solutions can apply in practice. Our employers tell us that experience of live briefs is important to them, and this is your chance to apply the knowledge you have gained on the course in that context.

Project Management

During this module we take a detailed look at various aspects of Project Management through a variety of means such as lectures and practical seminars informed by research and industrial collaborations. We will focus on theoretical approaches, tools and techniques of planning and controlling projects.

We will discuss project management as an important and integral part of a business whether this is product or service based.

There are two summative assessment designed for this module. A business report of 3000 words and an oral presentation that will not only assess the students on the theoretical applications as well as the practical skills required, but also build your confidence and presentation skills developing your skills for employability. 

In your second year, you have the opportunity to choose a short (10 credit) module in an area you might be interested in or that you've never tried before. Details of what these are will be announced in December.

Optional year

Professional Experience Year

At the end of year 2, you may choose to undertake either a paid placement or study abroad for a year. If you choose to study abroad you will spend your academic year at one of our partner universities, enhancing your language skills and international business knowledge

All of our BSc students can apply for a one-year professional placement, which takes place between your second and last years of study. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of and over the last five years, 90% of Salford Business School undergraduates taking a one-year placement secured a 2:1 or 1st class Honours degree. We will help you find out about vacancies and make the right connections with high profile employers through regular events and presentations. Here is just a small selection of the companies our students have enjoyed placements with so far: NatWest, Barclays and the Cooperative Bank; BP, Esso and Shell; IBM, Hewlett Packard and Compaq; Ford, Vauxhall, Jaguar and Nissan; Marks & Spencer, Selfridges and Sainsbury’s; Eli Lilly, Glaxo and ICI; Fujitsu, Marriott and Virgin.

Optional work placement year

Professional Experience Year

All of our BSc students can apply for a one year professional placement, which takes place between your second and last years of study.

This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of and over the last five years, 90% of Salford Business School undergraduates taking a one year placement secured a 2:1 or 1st class Honours degree.

We will help you find out about vacancies and make the right connections with high profile employers through regular events and presentations.

Here is just a small selection of the companies our students have enjoyed placements with so far: NatWest, Barclays and the Cooperative Bank; BP, Esso and Shell; IBM, Hewlett Packard and Compaq; Ford, Vauxhall, Jaguar and Nissan; Marks & Spencer, Selfridges and Sainsbury’s; Eli Lilly, Glaxo and ICI; Fujitsu, Marriott and Virgin.

Year three

Business Ethics and Sustainability

This module equips you with an appreciation and in-depth understanding of the implications of Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability within national and international organisations. This module will also develop your knowledge with respect to the importance of the balance between shareholders, stakeholders and the purpose and values of the organisation. It will explore the roles of social and technological innovation in global ethical organisations in order to prepare you for future employability.

Consulting for Sport

Consulting for Sport will allow you to learn to understand, source, analyse and make use of business intelligence and sporting data in providing relevant and timely solutions to challenges within the sports industry. You will gain practical experience of the process of innovating, planning and pitching for sports business with clients that operate in the global sports industry and on completion of the module, you will be able to identify organisational problems from an external perspective and select innovative and relevant solutions.

Globalisation of Sport

The Globalisation of Sport will allow you to develop a deep understanding of how the sports industry has become a truly global phenomenon. The academic body of knowledge in this field will be complimented with examples of practices and processes which the sports industry currently utilise. You will learn key skills and understanding of the historical, geopolitical, economic, digital and media drivers that reflect the globalisation of sport. You will learn about the importance of emerging markets in the sports industry and the significance they play in the development of global strategies.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Employers tell us that they are looking for employees with an entrepreneurial mindset.  Or perhaps you're thinking of setting up your own business.

In this module you have the opportunity to undertake an enterprise project for an internal or external sponsor on a topic of common interest.  Alternatively, you can use this opportunity to undertake in-depth research for your own project, for example, a business plan if you are wanting to start up a company after you graduate. The nature of the project will be negotiated by yourself, the module leader and the sponsoring company. 

Leadership and Management in Sport Business

This module will help you to develop your leadership skills and prepare you for your future career in the sports industry. You will explore theory, behaviour, people management and leadership within an organisational context, apply this in your specialist context. This is an opportunity to develop the skills you have gained in the early part of your degree and apply them to prepare you for the responsible and authentic leadership that future business requires

Strategic Sport Business Management

In this module you will be introduced to a variety of methods of analysis for management decision making, which will be practiced on real data sets aligned to students’ named degree titles. Formative assessment will be set for practice, with timely feedback given to aid learning and personal development.

The decision making techniques introduced in the module can be applied to a wide range of settings, such as interpreting market performance, forecasting growth, make or buy decisions, optimisation of scarce resources.

In your final year, you have another opportunity to choose a short (10 credit) module in an area you might be interested in or that you've never tried before. Details of what these are will be announced in December.

Please note that it may not be possible to deliver the full list of options every year as this will depend on factors such as how many students choose a particular option. Exact modules may also vary in order to keep content current. When accepting your offer of a place to study on this programme, you should be aware that not all optional modules will be running each year. Your tutor will be able to advise you as to the available options on or before the start of the programme. Whilst the University tries to ensure that you are able to undertake your preferred options, it cannot guarantee this.

What Will I be Doing?


Our teaching is focused on supporting you to gain hands-on experience for your career.  Right from the start of your studies you will develop the practical skills as well as the theoretical knowledge that you will need when you begin working. Our academics are experts in their field and work closely with industry to ensure that our courses reflect the needs of business and provide you with that extra edge when it comes to securing a job. 

You will learn through a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials using a wide range of learning activities. We use business simulations and live projects so that you are developing real and relevant skills. Throughout your studies, there are modules specifically designed to help you with the skills you need to apply for jobs including CV writing and mock assessments centres.


Don’t bypass the Clifford Whitworth library, it really is a beneficial resource for you. You will have access to a range of study skills sessions to help you step up to University learning and be successful in your studies and in your work.  These include:

UniSkills, an online course designed to develop the study, research and digital skills you will need for higher education and your lifelong learning journey. You can also earn digital badges for successfully completing the UniSkills assessment.

Wordscope, designed to help you improve and develop your academic writing skills which helps you pass your assessments.

Microsoft Office Specialist certification, awarded by Microsoft, helps you develop your skills and demonstrate to future employers your proficiency in Microsoft Office programmes such as Outlook, Project, Powerpoint and others.


We use different forms of assessment in different modules and wherever possible these will reflect the types of work you will do in the ‘real world’ for example, report writing, presentations and business pitches. Exams will only be used when it is a requirement for professional accreditation.

Throughout your studies, the work you produce will help to build your personal portfolio of professional evidence that you will be able to use in job applications and interviews.

Be part of our Business school community

Salford Business School aims to foster the next generation of leaders and create a new vision of innovative and entrepreneurial leadership. We are integrated into the local business community as a hub for knowledge creation and exchange. We are proud that our industry collaborations and partnerships benefit students, businesses and the community.

Our goal is to prepare you for a fulfilling life and professional career. Along the way, you’ll learn to be curious, adaptable and confident, ready to meet the digital, ethical and sustainability challenges of the 21st century.

We want you to gain the best academic and personal experience possible. As a student here, you’ll have access to a range of experiences and opportunities, including internships and work placements in the UK or internationally so you graduate with much more than a degree.

Where will I learn?

Salford Business School is located at the heart of the University’s Peel Park campus and just minutes from Manchester city centre. Teaching facilities include Lady Hale and Chapman buildings, which offer stylish modern spaces with lecture theatres equipped with the very latest technology and large screen displays. Lady Hale is also the home for the mock courtroom where the mooting team hone their skills in case presentation and debate.

The University library isn’t just for reading books.  The ‘library in the park’ is a fresh, modern learning space with PC suites, Mac computers, bookable working rooms and café.  It's open 24/7 everyday of the year (except Christmas Day!) so you can study when it suits you. It'll be an important place for you; in 2020, 100% of students asked agreed that the library resources have supported their learning (University of Salford analysis of unpublished NSS 2020 data). 

A dedicated Employability team will help you with work placements and access to work skills.

Throughout campus, there is a choice of individual study areas, communal learning and breakout spaces, plus a selection of food outlets.

Interested in starting your own business? Launch@ Salford is the incubation centre for business start ups providing a reception area, hot desk office space, private meeting rooms – and a networking lounge where you can grab a coffee and make those business connections.

Business in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a dynamic business hub and centre for the northern powerhouse.  With a wide range of business – small, medium, large – based around the region, students have access to a huge number of opportunities for networking and work experience.  It is particularly a centre for finance, retail and digital businesses.

Salford is the fastest growing economy within Greater Manchester and is home to almost 12,000 businesses employing 120,200 people. Salford’s business community is predominately made up of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) which account for 99% of the business base though a number of large firms have also made Salford its home.  The University of Salford is proud to be at the heart of this community and works in close partnership with Salford City Council to support the community.  Read about our impact in the Greater Manchester area.

We hold a Small Business Charter mark, one of the first universities to receive this accreditation, and continue to work to enhance growth and productivity in SMEs.

Student Support

We want you to enjoy your time studying here, but we understand that there may be times you need a little extra support to help you. The Business School student progression team is here to help you progress through your courses as smoothly as possible.

University-wide, askUS is at the core of our student support service, offering information and advice on matters such as finance, wellbeing and counselling, accommodation and more. If you have any worries, concerns, or need advice on a particular topic, visit askUS on campus.

Find out more about Student Support Services at Salford.

Getting Here

If you’re planning on commuting, both our MediaCityUK and Peel Park campuses are perfectly placed. Whether by bus, rail, bike or car, we’re easily accessed from all over Greater Manchester, Lancashire and beyond.

Get more information about your options for commuting, or hear about the experience from current students.


Employment and stats

What about after uni?

When you graduate, you will have transformed yourself from an ambitious individual into a skilled and business-minded graduate. You will have gained valuable new skills which prepare you for work within the global business of football, graduate entry into management training programmes, or further study.

The skills and knowledge gained by studying a business and management programme at the University of Salford are practical and applicable across a wide range of business functions. Our graduates are working in organisations such as IBM, BNY Mellon, HSBC, RBS and Manchester United 

With opportunities to take part in a year-long paid work placement, a dedicated Professional Development module and support from the University’s careers team and our Launch entrepreneurship experts, we ensure you are equipped with the skills and experience employers are looking for.

We have worked with industry partners to make sure the programme is highly practical, career-focused and industry-informed to prepare you for a successful management career. We are proud to work with our student panel to ensure our teaching is relevant, inclusive and respectful for all.

We asked our industry contacts what they look for when employing graduates. Here’s some of the advice they gave:

Soft skills – the communication, the listening, the team working - are really, really key. Graduates need to demonstrate how they’ve acquired some soft skills whether that’s been undertaking a project or demonstrating time management.” Vivine Cameron, Education Partnerships Executive, The Chartered Insurance Institute

Learn more about how industry has shaped our programmes

A taste of what you could become

A Business Manager

An Entrepreneur

A Business Analyst

A Risk Manager

And more...

Career Links

As a CMI accredited Business School, we teach the skills that employers need and as a result, our graduates enjoy excellent international career prospects.

Mercedes-Benz Cars UK Limited, CEVA Logistics, Tata and JCB all had input on the content delivered on BSc Business Management during its development.

The curriculum across our undergraduate courses balances academic teaching and professional experience, allowing you to apply theory in practice in a way that has been proven to produce highly employable, articulate business professionals who have forged the contacts that will help develop their future careers.

As part of getting real-world business experience on their course, a group of Business Management with Sport students took part on the Young Enterprise Start-Up Programme 2021 with their business idea, KitCrate UK. Read more about their success in getting to the national final.



What you need to know


This degree offers excellent scope for any student wanting to start a career in management, finance, marketing and a variety of other different business areas. Knowledge and expertise in business are highly sought after by employers across a wide variety of sectors.

If you know you love business but aren’t sure which direction to go in, the Business Management course is an ideal introduction to some core areas of business. 

Do you have a great business idea? This programme is a starting place for you to develop the skills to set up your own business and you can apply for a place at Launch@ Salford Uni for additional support.


Applicants will be required to show a proficiency in English. An IELTS score of 6.0, with no element below 5.5, is proof of this.

Standard entry requirements


Maths and English at grade C or grade 4 or above.

You must fulfil our GCSE entry requirements as well as one of the requirements listed below.

UCAS tariff points

BSc: 104-112 points
With Professional Experience: 112-120 points

A level

BCC-BBC with a minimum of two A2 passes. With professional experience year: BBC-BBB with a minimum of two A2 passes

BTEC National Diploma


Access to HE

104 Points – Pass with a minimum of 45 credits at Level 3 and 15 at Level 2 

International Baccalaureate

Indicatively 30 points for International Baccalaureate Diploma (31 points with experience year)

Scottish Highers

3 year programme: 104 - 112  points with a minimum of two Advanced Highers. 4 year programme:  112 -120 points with a minimum of two Advanced Highers.

Irish Leaving Certificate

3 year programme: 104 - 112  points with a minimum of two Higher Level Subjects. 4 year programme:  112 -120 points with a minimum of two Higher Level Subjects.

European Baccalaureate

Pass Diploma with 60% or above

Alternative entry requirements

Salford Alternative Entry Scheme (SAES)

We welcome applications from students who may not meet the stated entry criteria but who can demonstrate their ability to pursue the course successfully. Once we have received your application we will assess it and recommend it for SAES if you are an eligible candidate.

There are two different routes through the Salford Alternative Entry Scheme and applicants will be directed to the one appropriate for their course. Assessment will either be through a review of prior learning or through a formal test.

How much?

Type of study Year Fees
Full-time home 2021/22 £9,250per year
Full-time international 2021/22 £14,400per year
Additional costs

You should also consider further costs which may include books, stationery, printing, binding and general subsistence on trips and visits.

Scholarships for international students

If you are a high-achieving international student, you may be eligible for one of our scholarships.
We have a range of scholarships available for students applying for courses in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Our Global Gold Excellence Scholarship is worth £3,500 and our Global Silver Excellence Scholarship is worth £3,000 - both are available for students studying in our 2021/22 intakes.

We also offer the Salford International Excellence Scholarship which offers up to £5,000 discount on tuition fees. As this is a prestigious award we have a limited number of these scholarships available.

See the full range of our International Scholarships.


Apply now

All set? Let's apply

Still have some questions? Register for one of our Open Days or contact us:

By email (UK/EU applicants): enquiries@salford.ac.uk
By email (international applicants): international@salford.ac.uk
By phone:  +44 (0) 161 295 4545

Enrolment dates

September 2021

September 2022

UCAS information

Course ID N2C6

Institution S03

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