Vision and strategy

Chemistry students and tutor

Amongst all of the changes experienced in recent years, and still ongoing, industry collaboration remains our guiding principle that will allow us to achieve our vision of preparing students for life. Our 2022-2027 Corporate Strategy sets out how we intend to build on progress made to date and respond to the challenges we face. In this updated approach we acknowledge our recent successes, learn from the challenges we have faced, continue to develop a campus that is fit for the future, and reaffirm our commitment as an anchor institution for Salford and as a civic university supporting our students, our local community and our wider city region.

Our mission

Transforming lives. Stimulating discovery. Realising potential.

Through teaching, learning, research and enterprise, we will harness the skills, imagination and enthusiasm of our students and staff to work in partnership with large and small enterprises across the public, private and charitable sectors, changing people and communities, and delivering a lasting economic and social benefit.

Our vision

By pioneering exceptional industry partnerships, we will lead the way in real world experiences that prepare students for life.

Our vision makes a bold statement; it is ambitious, yet firmly rooted in experience. Cross-sector industry partnerships link our heritage with our future aspirations.

Industry at Salford

Underpinning our vision and central to our strategy is our collaboration with industry. This is a bold departure from traditional structures and models of learning, and will provide an outstanding experience for our students, staff and partners.

Industry collaboration is our single strategic priority. It means we develop and nurture outstanding relationships with industry in all aspects of our business, from co-creation of the curriculum and producing job-ready graduates, to research, consultancy and knowledge exchange.