Are you passionate about literature, creative writing or the origins of language? Or perhaps you see your future in the world of drama and performance? Wherever your interests lie, our English Clearing courses have you covered. Explore our range of pathways and find your ideal degree programme through Clearing today.

English Clearing Degrees

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When you study English with us, you’ll be taught by expert tutors with a vast array of experience. Our staff are committed and enthusiastic, as well as being published poets, authors, playwrights and internationally-renowned researchers. Whatever your future career goals, we’re on hand to provide expert guidance throughout your studies and help to take you in the direction you want to follow.

You’ll be based at our green Peel Park campus, which is just a short walk from central Manchester and close to all of the cultural benefits that the city has to offer – including The Lowry Theatre in Salford, the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, Manchester International Festival, the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and the Manchester Literature Festival.

When you study English at the University of Salford, you won’t be just a number. You’ll be taught in small groups that provide the opportunity for meaningful discussion with your tutor and peers. What’s more, our graduates and alumni have secured a range of creative placements and jobs – at organisations including the Co-Op, The Home Office and The Telegraph – so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll graduate fully equipped with all of the skills you need for career success.

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Study English at the University of Salford

English Clearing Places

We offer a number of English Clearing courses, allowing you to focus on the subject area that interests you the most. Whether you’re a budding playwright or a self-proclaimed bookworm, we have a range of pathways to suit you:

BA (Hons) English Literature

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Whether you’re a practising poet or a blossoming academic, our English literature Clearing courses will provide you with the tools you need to take the first step in your literary career. Over the course of three years, you’ll delve into the world of words, studying literature through the lens of diverse theoretical perspectives. Looking for a course with an interdisciplinary focus? Studying English Literature at Salford means you’ll also have the chance to choose from modules specialising in language, film adaptation and creative writing.

“Having the opportunity to work with friendly, engaging and knowledgeable tutors across a range of exciting and unique modules was pivotal to my success at undergraduate level.” - Daniel Hay, BA (Hons) English Literature

This course received 100% overall student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey [University of Salford analysis of unpublished NSS 2020 data].

BA (Hons) English Literature with English Language

This English literature and English language degree is designed to get you reading books, analysing theories and exploring the words that surround our daily lives. You’ll build a detailed knowledge of both disciplines, gaining a true insight into the relationship between literature, language and society. As your degree progresses, you’ll study a diverse range of texts from a variety of genres, including romanticism, modernism, children’s literature and medieval poetry. Designed to provide you with transferable skillsets that can be applied in real-world settings, you’ll develop your ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, and to present your ideas with clarity and persuasion.

“My experience as a student on this course was both stimulating and engaging. The variety of modules on offer meant that I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of English language, while still being able to dedicate myself to my passion for English literature.” - Nadine Muller, BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

BA (Hons) English Language

Language is a fundamental part of what makes us human, but how often do we stop and think about it? It’s a crucial tool for us to be able to communicate our understanding of the world around us, demanding discipline, observation and imagination. Sound interesting? If so, our English language degree is the right option for you. Designed to delve into the varieties and histories of language, this course will give you the training you need to understand how the written and spoken word is structured and acquired. Analysing a range of perspectives, you’ll also explore how linguistics varies across regions, and how words can help us form our identities and influence social change.

Our English language degree received 100% overall student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey [University of Salford analysis of unpublished NSS 2020 data].

BA (Hons) English Language and Creative Writing

Designed to cover a wide range of genres, historical periods and styles, our English language and creative writing Clearing courses will allow you to engage with the political, cultural and social ideas you need to develop your own imaginative work. You’ll explore the structure and evolution of language in relation to your own creative writing, mastering the tools and techniques required to break new ground and establish yourself as a professional writer. What’s more, this English language and creative writing degree will not only nurture your flair for the written world, but also equip you with highly versatile skillsets that provide instant value in the professional workplace.

“Most lecturers had an open door policy, meaning that if you had a query about your work, you just had to send an email to arrange to meet. Talking to my friends at other universities, it seems that kind of support is unique to studying at Salford.” Jessica Clark, BA (Hons) English Language and Creative Writing

BA (Hons) English and Drama

Through our New Adelphi Theatre you'll learn how preform and engage live or on-screen audiences

If you’re as passionate about prose and poetry as you are performance, our English and drama degree course will give you a unique opportunity to study literature alongside theatre. While one module may require you to research and analyse literary and performance texts, the next may ask you to construct a drama piece. What’s more, our English and drama degree programme will also allow you to work in cutting-edge studios and theatre spaces with the support of experienced theatre-makers, writers and technicians. In addition to your regular classes you’ll also benefit from masterclasses and advice from some of the most exciting theatre companies and practitioners from around the country.

BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing

By choosing to study an English and creative writing degree at Salford, you’ll access the creative writing opportunities this exciting city has to offer. You’ll be joining a vibrant community of practising creatives, with the chance to take part in local open mic nights and to have your work published online. With a wide variety of creative arts organisations across Salford and Greater Manchester, there’s never been a better time or place to study English and Creative Writing.

“Studying creative writing at Salford changed my life. The staff were so supportive at every step, and really cared for their students.” Nathan Williams, BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing

Our English and creative writing Clearing course received 96% overall student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey [University of Salford analysis of unpublished NSS 2020 data].

BA (Hons) Creative Writing (Multidiscipline)

As an undergraduate creative writing student studying at Salford, you’ll also have access to the creative writing opportunities Manchester has to offer. You’ll be joining a thriving community of practising writers, playwrights and authors, with the chance to flourish in our state-of-the-art campuses in MediaCityUK and Peel Park – both of which are designed to nurture talent across the city.

Whatever platform or medium you choose to explore, we’ll support you. On this Creative Writing degree, you'll have access to our:

  • Excellent live performance spaces, including a 350-seat theatre
  • Broadcast standard TV acting and presenting studios (including green screen)
  • A radio drama studio
  • Post-production video and audio facilities

Our students, staff and industry also regularly perform shows using the New Adelphi Theatre to public audiences. 

BA (Hons) Drama and Creative Writing

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By choosing to study our drama and creative writing degree, you’ll learn how to make and perform theatre, as well as creating your own stories, novels, scripts and poetry. Exploring writing and theatre making in all its forms, you’ll gain hands-on experience while refining your academic skills. What’s more, as your course progresses, you’ll be given the chance to shape your studies by choosing the modules that most appeal to you, whether they relate to creative graffiti or writing the first chapter of your novel.

While studying creative writing and drama at Salford, you’ll work in cutting-edge studio and theatre spaces with the support of experienced theatre makers, writers and technicians. In addition to your regular classes, you’ll also benefit from masterclasses and advice from some of the most exciting theatre companies and practitioners from around the country.

“This course helped me improve my writing and learn from my mistakes. My lecturers helped me try out new approaches and create work I was proud of. This meant I gained the confidence to perform for a week of shows at an international LGBTQ+ festival in Dublin. I also submitted my play to a festival, which led to its premiere at the Lowry Theatre.” Xenia Lily Smeeton, BA (Hons) Drama and Creative Writing

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