Visualising the Upper Mersey Estuary for Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust

THINKLab - Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust

The Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust (MGET) is a unique, innovative organisation providing environmental monitoring and management across 1600 ha of land in the North West of England. It aspires to be a Centre of Excellence for environmental study through the establishment of a Living Laboratory, making full use of the data that it collects in its various research projects.

MGET owned large amounts of data such as digital terrain models, geographical information system mapping layers, drone data and satellite imagery. However, each type of data required different software to visualise it, making it difficult to have a holistic view of the information. MGET approached us to create a visual solution that gathered the data into one, easy to use application.  

Our Solution

Our role was to provide MGET with proof of concept, so we used sample data from each source and created a virtual reality model of the estuary that users could fly through. An interactive map interface allowed users to navigate the entire estuary in a unique 360-degree experience, visiting previously impossible to reach areas and exploring specific areas of interest along the way.