Visionair. Advanced 3D visualisation-based research.

THINKLab - Visionair

Visionair sought to create a European infrastructure for high-level visualisation facilities that would be open to research communities across Europe and around the world.

By integrating existing facilities, Visionair aimed to create a world-class research infrastructure for conducting state-of-the-art research in visualisation. This approach would significantly enhance the attractiveness and visibility of the European Research Area. 

With over 20 members across Europe, VISIONAIR offered facilities for Virtual Reality, Scientific Visualisation, Ultra High Definition, Augmented Reality and Virtual Services.

The access to a facility included:

  • Training on each specific facility
  • Access to the scientific environment supporting the platform
  • Access to networking environments
  • Scientific and engineering support for specific task development
  • Accommodation and logistic support

Our solution

We provided access to our advanced virtual reality facilities and platforms.

Our team of researchers and technical staff were on hand to support users, helping them to bring their visualisation projects to life on our platforms and systems.