Students design demo unit for innovative lighting system

Electrical engineering student Ivan Holmes and architecture student Elena Cuccuru have used our Morson Maker Space to create a demonstration unit for start up lighting company, Circada. 

The Morson Maker Space gives our students the opportunity to learn real-world engineering skills by applying digital fabrication techniques in response to live briefs from industry partners. 

Students have access to 3D printing, laser and vinyl cutters, waterjet cutting, metal additive manufacturing, large format 3D printing, state of the art digital and optical microscopes as well as reverse engineering metrology instruments.

The Problem

Circada was developing a new lighting system to help users retrain their circadian rhythm. Our body clocks are set by the presence of light in the environment and should correspond with the rising and setting of the sun. However as artificial light drives the modern world they can fall out of sync, making it more difficult for people to wind down and sleep in the evening. This can have a long-term impact on our mental and physical health. Circada planned to put their system into real-world studies to demonstrate the health benefits and physiology of properly aligned circadian wellbeing within retirement homes, hospitals, prisons and offices.

To gain further investment, Circada required an interactive architectural demonstration model. It needed to realistically portray the real-world environment while featuring presentation and interactive modes.

Our Solution

Ivan and Elena collaborated over the 16-week project using their respective talents in component electronics/programming and building modelling while learning new skills in 3D design/printing and laser cutting. They both gained invaluable hands-on practical experience in taking a project from idea to early concept stage right through to a final product.

“The implementation exceeded my expectations and the final product was of a professional standard.”
- Sam Lewtas, Director of Circada Limited

Why work with Morson Maker Space?

We connect students and staff with industry partners to collaborate and co-create solutions to real world industry challenges.