Learning to respond. Virtual incident training simulation.


With the threat of dissident terrorist action on the increase, the emergency services have an urgent need to train their staff to respond to what are highly unpredictable events. 

Current training practices fall short of what is needed and are difficult to adapt to the specifics of a terrorist attack. Recreating scenarios as a live exercise requires large amounts of planning, significant investment and interrupts the provision of essential day to day services.

The growth of immersive technology such as augmented and virtual reality could provide a viable and cost effective training solution.

The Solution

Working with our partner Evidential we created a fully immersive and adaptable emergency services training platform. It gives the user the freedom to create their own scenarios and introduces artificial intelligence into the simulations.

The use of artificial intelligence means that the user has a totally unique experience regardless of how many times they load up a particular scenario.

This allows them to prepare as much as possible for the infinite, unpredictable variables that happen as a terror attack unfolds.

The platform can be used for collaborative training between emergency services across the world and it will have significant impact in creating a safer environment for us all to live in.