BBC. Exploring wildlife through gaming.

THINKLab - Wildlife Gaming

BBC Learning runs a series of events throughout the year that, depending on the subject matter, can be for audiences ranging from children to adults. 

They asked us to develop a gaming platform that could be customised to present different learning opportunities suitable for each audience. 

In this instance the subject matter was designed to introduce facts about animals and their natural habitat.

Our Solution

We designed and built an augmented reality platform using depth sensor technology and a HD camera.

As they explored the mixed reality environment, the player experienced semi-interactive 3D models of wildlife entering their space. Using their body gestures the player could query the system and find out interesting facts about the animal’s life while experiencing the animal approaching them, running away or, in the case of an owl, even landing on their hand.

The platform was customisable at five different levels allowing it to present suitable data for each audience. Elements that could be changed included:

  • Type of virtual animal depicted
  • Facts about the animal
  • User query gesture
  • Virtual content for the environment
  • The platform storyboard could be changed for a different experience