Business Skills

Five students in conversation at the University of Salford

At Salford Business School, our goal is to prepare you for the future world of work. One of the ways we achieve this by integrating essential skills into our curriculum, ensuring you are well-equipped for career success. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to earn certifications in several key areas, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your competence to future employers.

Your course will dictate which of these key skills you study. Please check your course's coursefinder page for information on which of the skills below your course covers.

Our Essential Business Skills


Body Swap Technology

Microsoft Excel - LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft PowerPoint - LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft Word - LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft Project - LinkedIn Learning

Outlook - LinkedIn Learning

Generative AI - LinkedIn Learning

AI Certification

iDea Bronze Award

Microsoft Fundamentals - Microsoft 365

Microsoft Specialist - Microsoft 365

Xero Accounting Software

Power BI


Microsoft Specialist - Azure Data