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Faith and religion

The Faith Centre 

The purpose-made centre is open to everyone and offers unique spaces for group worship, private prayer, personal reflection, social activities, pastoral support and relaxation right here on campus.

Located in a very visible location on University Road close to the Derwent blocks of the Peel Park Accommodation, the space has its own quaint chapel and a large Muslim prayer room for both men and women.

The new purpose-built centre reflects the University’s continuing commitment to support the student experience as it is rare for universities in the UK to provide such extensive facilities. It also offers a unique space for those of faith or who follow a religion, those who are questioning / seeking / agnostic or prefer not to define their spirituality in a specific way, and those who are not religious or have no faith, and to build positive relationships between all groups.

In addition to all these facilities, there is also a community kitchen for all to use, a social/break space, a variety of bookable spaces including meeting rooms, a quiet room, the Chaplains offices and gender neutral/accessible toilets. For further information about the accessibility of this building please visit our partner disabledGO

The University's mission as an educational institution means that it is keen to provide a supportive context in which all students and staff of any belief system, religious, philosophical and cultural background, can explore new ideas and experiences; and engage critically with each other in a safe and respectful learning environment.