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Change of circumstances

When you are granted a Tier 4 visa, it is on the basis that you study full time at the University of Salford. As your visa sponsor, the University is also required to provide information to the Home Office if and when your circumstances change as this may impact on your visa. If your circumstances change then it is always advisable to contact the Home Office Compliance team to see if the change will affect your visa.  Some useful information is detailed below.

It may not always be possible for you to register on time for the course you have applied for and, in this case, you may wish to start your course on a different intake i.e. at a different point in the academic year. 

If you would like to join a later intake instead and you have received your CAS but not yet used it in a visa application, you will need to notify the Admissions Team. The University will then withdraw (cancel) the CAS. After this you will need to contact the Admissions Team again to request a new CAS number when you wish to take up your place on your course of study.  

If you would like to join a later intake of the course but you have already used your CAS in a visa application, we recommend you contact the Admissions Team.

The Admissions team contact details are:

If you need to take a long term absence from your programme of study, (i.e. for an illness, a requirement to return home or pregnancy) it is advisable to officially interrupt your studies.  This is because it is unlikely that you will be able to complete your course within the time frame you had originally planned. Please see 'interrupting your studies' for further information.

Tier 4 visa holders are allowed to repeat any part of their course where required.  However, under most circumstances, Tier 4 visa holders may not repeat any part of their course more than twice . If you are required to repeat part of your course, there must be no more than 60 days between academic engagements.  Therefore if you are required to complete a re-assessment or a retake but this does not take place for some time, we may be required to withdraw sponsorship of your visa and you may be required to return home, depending on the time frame.

Please see here for a flowchart to help you understand what you need to do.

If, when completing a module for the first time, you do not pass part of the module or the full module, you may need to complete reassessments. For most courses, reassessments take place during the last two weeks of August. In most cases this will be during the summer vacation and you should be able to complete the reassessments under your existing visa.

If your course does not have a summer vacation, the reassessments may take place more than 60 days after your last academic engagement. If this is the case, the University is required to withdraw sponsorship of your Tier 4 visa and you will be required to return home. In such instances, or where you will not have enough time left on your visa to complete any re-assessments, it is advisable to complete the re-assessments in your home country.  This is because you will not be able to meet the attendance requirements of your visa or any CAS that the University issues to you. For more information regarding overseas reassessments please click here.

Please see here for a flowchart to help you understand what you need to do.

In some instances, you may need a further repeat attempt on your course. If this is the case, you will be required to complete a retake of the module; you will be required to pay a tuition fee and to attend lectures and seminars as if you were completing the module for the first time.

If the module does not begin within 60 days of your last academic engagement, the University is required to withdraw sponsorship of your Tier 4 visa and you will be required to return home. You will then need to request a CAS and submit a visa application in line with your new programme end date. You can find details on how to do this here.

Some University programmes offer a work- based placement, sandwich year or exchange programme as part of the course. Tier 4 visa holders are able to complete a placement if it is an assessed and integral part of their course.  As your sponsor, the University will need to report the details of your placement to the Home Office and you must continue to comply with the University’s Attendance Monitoring policy.  

If you originally applied to study on a course without a placement but later change to the version of the course which includes a placement, your visa will not cover you for the duration.  Before you can transfer to the placement version of your programme, you must apply for a new Tier 4 visa.  You can apply for this visa inside the UK but you must apply for this visa extension no more than three months before your placement.

If you suspend or interrupt your studies for personal or academic reasons (e.g. for illness, financial reasons, pregnancy, maternity or paternity leave), the Home Office would normally expect you to return to your home country unless you are not medically able to do so. For example, in the case of pregnancy you may not be able to fly if you are in the late stages of pregnancy.

In most cases where you interrupt your studies, the University will be required to report the interruption to the Home Office who will then curtail (cut short) your visa. If you need to remain in the UK for reasons other than study during your interruption you should seek specialist advice from an immigration specialist. You can search for an appropriate immigration specialist here.

In the rare instance where an agreement is made with the University not to withdraw sponsorship of your visa during an interruption, you must finish your course within the time frames of your existing visa. The University will be unable to issue you with any further CAS for that course.

Further information regarding the University’s interruption policy can be found here. This includes the process if you are studying on a Tier 4 visa, which is as follows:

  1. Understand visa implications of an interruption
  2. Leave the UK
  3. Provide proof you have left the UK
  4. Request a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies to return to the UK
  5. Apply for your visa
  6. Re-register at the University of Salford

If you require a CAS to return from an interruption of study, you must ensure you request this in good time before returning to the University. You must also make sure that you have provided the University with evidence that you have returned home before applying for a CAS. You can find details on the CAS and visa application process here.

For registration information for returning to the University following an interruption of study please visit the registration website here.

Tier 4 visa holders are able to transfer to another course if they decide the course they have chosen does not fulfil their overall career aspirations. All course changes have to be reported to the Home Office by the University.  However if your visa does not cover the duration of your new course then, sometime before your visa is due to expire, you will need to leave the UK and extend your visa in your home country.

Further information regarding the transferring to another course can be found here.

Paying your tuition fees is an important condition of your offer from the University of Salford.  If you are sponsored under Tier 4 then you are also issued a visa on the basis that you can pay your tuition fees and maintain yourself whilst in the UK.  If, for any reason, you do not pay off an outstanding tuition fee balance the University may revoke (temporarily cancel) your registration status pending payment of the outstanding amount. In these instances, the University is also required to withdraw sponsorship of any Tier 4 visa you may hold and report this to the Home Office.

If you are able to resolve your tuition fee difficulties, then we may require your permission to check with the Home Office to see if your visa has been curtailed (cut short) by them before reinstating (reactivating) your registration record.

Sometimes it may be possible for you to complete your course early. If you complete your course more than two weeks earlier than the date indicated on your CAS, the University is required to withdraw sponsorship of your visa and the Home Office will curtail (cut short) the time you have on your visa in line with the date on which you completed.

Please note, completion is classed as the following:

  • For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes of study: the date you submit your final piece of assessed work.
  • For Postgraduate Research programmes of study: the date you are awarded your MPhil, PhD or relevant research qualification.

If you decide to leave the University and withdraw from your course you must let us know by contacting the University Home Office Compliance Team. If you are a Tier 4 visa holder, once you have withdrawn from your course we will withdraw sponsorship of your Tier 4 visa and the Home Office will curtail (cut short) the time you have left on your visa. 

There are various situations where the University will withdraw your registration record.  For example, your registration record will be withdrawn if you fail to register on time for each year of course or if the University has concerns surrounding your attendance.