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Preparing for your future is about more than finishing your course. There are plenty of ways to increase your employability, turn you into an effective leader, broaden your horizons with overseas opportunities and prepare you for life after graduation.

You’re aiming for a successful career after graduation and we want to help you get there. Access practical tips from getting a part-time job to finding graduate positions, from learning how to craft the perfect CV to connecting with industry and from joining a mentoring programme to finding volunteering opportunities. This is your go-to place for making yourself more employable.

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Our masters of all things employability are Careers & Enterprise. They are your key to becoming more employable and for finding out how to get to your end goal. They can even help you work out what career might be best for you. Connect with them to make yourself more employable, find practical tips and find out how to start your own business or become self-employed.

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