Stockport NHS Foundation Trust - FDSC nursing associate case study

Why apprenticeships?

The biggest benefit of apprenticeships for us as an organisation is the new learning it brings to the Trust. Our staff are at the forefront of cutting-edge learning at the University which enables them to bring back a wealth of knowledge and skills to the organisation.

Our staff on apprenticeship programmes are able to demonstrate and apply their new knowledge in the workplace and you can actually identify those who are on apprenticeships and in learning in the way the language they use has shifted. The terminology used and confidence displayed by those on apprenticeship programmes really does set them apart. It does catch some people off-guard and encourages others to ‘up their game’ which is fantastic as it means we really foster a culture of learning and development.

Why Salford?

We have a long-standing relationship with the University of Salford and have used the University for a number of different apprenticeship programmes across Health and Business. I am actually on a Leadership and Management apprenticeship with Salford myself!

Would you recommend degree apprenticeships and the University of Salford to other organisations?

Absolutely! I’ve had so many students thank me for encouraging them to go down the apprenticeship route as it has benefitted them career wise massively. If you are an organisation looking to support, develop and progress staff then apprenticeships are definitely the way to go!