NG Bailey Limited - Chartered Surveyor Case Study

Why apprenticeships?

We chose the apprenticeship route to offer individuals an opportunity to learn and gain valuable life experience in their field.

Why Salford?

The University provide a high quality and dedicated apprenticeship programme which is fully integrated and supportive in its mentorship and involves the mentors within our organisation ensuring a successful outcome for all.

What are the main benefits to your organisation of the apprenticeship route?

The apprentice is keen and unbiased and provides a new and fresh outlook on our process and procedures, offering a new perspective which improves our practices and methods. It is valuable also for our mentors and line managers to learn from the apprentice. To bring in and grow a person is an opportunity and a privilege and provides for an all-round committed and professional employee. The apprentice gains real-life experiences and can apply their learning to assist in overcoming the day-to-day challenges of the role. Our apprentices truly become an integral and valuable team member for the business.

As an employer, how have you found the training and support provided by the University of Salford?

Excellent, a very thorough, structured and fully interactive programme for all parties involved. There has always been great communication and follow-up with fully documented and explained processes.

Would you recommend degree apprenticeships and the University of Salford to other organisations?