DXI Regeneration - Chartered Surveyor Case Study

Why did your organisation choose to offer degree apprenticeships and select the University of Salford?
Unfortunately, I had to let our in-house quantity surveyor go when Covid hit after our clients put a hold on tenders and future work. As the tenders started to flow back in after the first lockdown, I soon realised that I needed some help with these. 

Instead of recruiting a fully qualified quantity surveyor I advertised for a trainee quantity surveyor, at the interview Conor showed an interest in completing a degree in Chartered Surveying part-time. I could see Conor fitting in nicely in our small team. When I researched universities, we chose Salford for the location and the part-time option. I can’t fault the training and support that we have received from the University of Salford. The support from Conor’s link tutor has been second to none, she is always there to offer help and support.I am a strong believer in investing in the youth as they are our tomorrow.

What are the main benefits to your organisation of the apprenticeship route? 
I believe the main benefit to our organisation is the injection of new blood, it’s like a breath of fresh air to welcome Conor to the team. He is keen and wanting to do a good job. He has always made suggestions and changes to improve the commercial process. We really are ‘growing our own’ talent with the help of the University for the structured academic training programme. 

Would you recommend degree apprenticeships and the University of Salford to other organisations?
I would definitely recommend the University of Salford, I am a member of the North West Training group and I have brought my experience of my new apprenticeship and advised people how to recruit them