Craig Hockenhull- BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

Turner & Townsend

Why did you choose a degree apprenticeship?

I chose a degree apprenticeship because it gave me the opportunity to learn on the job whilst also allowing me to complete a degree. I could see this would be beneficial because not only could the theory of university and the skills I gain at work be transferable to one another, but also, I would come out of the degree apprenticeship with five years’ experience in the industry.

Looking back over your time on the apprenticeship so far, how have you found the whole experience?

So far, I have really enjoyed the degree apprenticeship. I am already seeing the advantage of choosing this route as I have learnt skills at work which have been transferable to my university studies. I am enjoying my day-to-day work with my employer and have met and worked with some great, knowledgeable professionals.

How are you hoping a degree apprenticeship will support your career progression?

Within my degree apprenticeship there is a clear route to becoming a chartered surveyor. This will no doubt support my career progression as the University and my employer will be assisting me with the RICS process. If all goes well and I pass my APC exam first time I have the opportunity to be RICS qualified.

How would you describe the support that you’ve received from the University of Salford?

I have received great support from the University. I have regular calls with my Link Tutor, Ru Huey Lim, who has been supportive and checks in to see if my employer is giving me the right experience I need. Ru Huey Lim has also explained my degree apprenticeship clearly and has also responded promptly to any queries I have asked.

Do you have any advice for future degree apprentices?

I would say the work life balance is manageable as long as you start your assignments with enough time. Make sure your employer is giving you the right experience you need and make sure you take charge of your career.

Would you recommend a degree apprenticeship?